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1000 Trru: Lxr1.—NATIONAL BANKS.-Ch. 2. 3 MM-. 1865, c- making the same shall be entitled to receive from the Comptroller of the 82» E13,?-*98- Currency circulating notes of different denominations, in blank, regis. 13g',.jI;§ i,??};' tered and countersigned as hereinafter provided, equal in amount to 'ninety per centum of the current market-value of the United States bonds so transferred and delivered, but not exceeding ninety per centum of the amount of the bonds at the par value thereof, if bearing interest at a rate not less than five per centun1 per annum: Promded, That the amount of circulating notes to be furnished to each association shall be in roportion to its paid-up capital, as follows, and no more: First. To each association whose capital does not exceed five hundred thousand dollars, ninety per centum of such capital. Second. To each association whose capital exceeds five hundred thousand dollars, but does not exceed one million of dollars, eighty per centum of such capital. Third. To each association whose ca ital exceeds one million of dollars. but does not exceed three million of d)ollars, seventy-five per centum of such capital. Fourth. To each association whose capital exceeds three millions of dollars, sixty per centum of such capital. Printing, denoni- Sec. 5172. In order to furnish suitable notes for circulation, the Compinationshand form troller of the Currency shall, under the direction of the Secretary of the af *h° °“'°“l***“’€ Treasury, cause plates and dies to be en raved, in the best manner to 3e_ guard against counterfeiting and frauddent alterations, and shall have 3J¤¤<+, 1864. G. printed therefrom, and numbered, such quantity of circulating notes, lg? '· 22v "· 13· P- in blank, of the denominations of one dollar, two dollars, three dollars, 26 Jam, 1874 ,,_ five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, one hundred dollars,

42, t. 18,,p. 124. five hundred dollars, and one thousand dollars, as may be required

3 MM-. 1875. v- to supply the associations entitled to receive the same. Such notes 13°·"·18¤P·372- shall ex ress u on their face that they are secured by United States bonds, dldposited) with the Treasurer of the United States, by the written or engraved signatures of the Treasurer and Register, and by the imprint of the seal of the Treasury; and shall also express upon their face the promise of the association receiving the sametopay on demand, attested y the signatures of the president or vice-president and cashier; and shall bear such devices and such other statements, and shall be in such form, as the Secretary of the Treasury shall, by regulation. direct, {see 55 sua, nu. j Plates and dies Sec. 5173. The plates and special dies to be procured by the Comp-

  • 0 b¢¤¤d°'°°¤**‘°l troller of the Currency for the rinting of such circulating notes shall
 remain under his control and direction, and the expenses necessarily

3June, 1861, c. incurred in executing- the laws respecting the procurin of such notes, {Qi} B- 4L "- l3· P· and all other expenses of the Bureau of the Currency, 5ml] be paid out ‘ of the proceeds of the taxes or duties assessed and collected on the circulation of national bankin associations under this Title. Annmisxsmim. Sec. 5174. The Comptrolher of the Currency shall cause tobeexamined, tion ot plates, dies. each year, the plates, dies, [but pieces] [bed-pieces], and other material from &°· whic the national-bank circulation is printed, in whole or in part, and 3Mar., 1873, c. tile in his Office annually a correct list of the same. Such material as 269. S- 4. V- 17. D- shall have been used in the printing of the notes of associations which 603;, Fe,} ,8,,. C are in liquidation, or have closed business, shall be destro ed under such 6g_ ,._ 1g"’,,_ 252jregulations as shall be prescribed by the Comptroller of, the Currency and approved by the Secretary of the Treasury. The expenses of any such examination or destruction shall be paid out of any a propriation made by Congress for the special examination of national) banks and bank-note plates. Limit to issue of Sec. 5175. Not more than one-sixth part of the notes furnished to any §¤{§m¤¤d¢¤‘ five association shall be of a less denomination than five dollars. After spccie §‘?:mHé:F;Gri0€ payments are resumed no association shall be furnished with notes of 3 s_ 22,V_·13, pj,‘05_ · less denomination than five dollars. Limit to amount Sec. 5176. No banking association organized subsequent to the twelfth cf t°{*‘°*él***l;°“ of day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy, shall have a circulation in Tix excess of five hundred thousand dollars. 12 July, 1870, c. 252, s. 1, v. 16, p. 251.