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42 Trru: vu.—DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY.—·Ch. 2. at such places, the Secretary of the Trearsury, with the assent of the ident, shall establish fixed periods at whnch a settlement shall required. Rules, regu];- Sec. 251. The Secretary of the Treasury shall make and issue from tions, and forms. time to time such instructions and regulations to the several collectors, jo lieyfg receivers, depositaries, officers, and others who may receive Treasury ss. .,15 ·.' I n tes United Statues notes or other securities of the United States, or ""‘*··‘“·‘i.’ b- ’ d »d·n. t- d p- 543- w o mn e IH any way engage or employe in e prepare ion an 6A‘f€;l“6·°·84· issue of lhe same, as he shall deem best calculated to oromote the public °' §(,}L,;;gpig2 C convenience and security, and to protect the giniteci Stéates, ns wellhas 172, . sf-. 13, I individuals from fmud and loss; heshal prescri ormso entries om; S, 221. F l l P bonds, and other papers, and rules and regulations, not inconsistent with 1* ·l“lY· ${3- "· law, to be used under and in the execution and enforcement of the gf S' 34' " ’ P' various provisions of the internal-revenue laws, or_in carrying oiét the 14M ·,1856,Res. rovisions of law relating to raisin_ revenue rom imports or to uties 9. v- p· 144- gn imports, or to warehousing; he shall give such directmns to collectors Iffnmi Thwlzg and prescribe such rules and forms to be observed by them as may be Wliifnwlfh jhu; necessary for the proper execution of the law; bei shall also prescribelizhc ·All,3i3l r h.,364. forms of the annual statements to be submitte to ‘ongress im we a C showing the actual state of commerce and navigation between the lilnited States and foreign countries, or coastwise between the collection districts of the United States in each year. R4>2¤l¤ti0¤ ¢>f¤P· Src. 252. [He Secretamy of the T reaswz, under the direction the Prem`- P"“”“l°f“Y‘_PB[ti°‘ dent, sha?lg·mnta'met0 time establish me reguZat£0na,1mfin¢·0nszate1?twith 19 Ma}? 182%; Zaugasthe esfdentshaZl¢h2°nkp1·0pm·,t0aecu·reqj1rat,fazt}a_fi4I,amlzmpar- 55j§‘lgé;éd4épSt 2j tial appraisal ofall oods, wares, d1l¢l7IlP7’C]ld7ld?»8627l@0T[€d mto tlw Liuled F,,g,?1g77,L-yggl v_ States, and °w;t andgpropw entries of the actual ralue therej and aflhe 19, p. 241. sguare yardéparcels, or other guamifies thereojl as each case may regu2're, s0(z¤'€f(}!§£"P°;'2g‘ and of the actual value of each.] [g.. g mz.] l ’1 ' D; t' an I Sec. 253. The Secretary of the Treasury may discontinue all ports of pollgogflllglivgiyq. delivery, the revenue received at each of which does not amount to the 14 June, 1858lgl sum of ten thousand dollars u year. [S¢e'l'l[le34,Cl. I.] lagigigogillsbpgglél Src. 254. The Secretarv of the Treasury is authorized to receive depos- ·§··;;;;;·*;_· its of old coin and bullion with the Treasurer or any assistant treas- 7g ,Q 5°:j2_`pi'{uQ urer og the United States, in sums not less than twenty dollars, and to ’issue certificates therefor, in denominations of not less than twenty dollars, each, corresponding with the denominations of the United States notes. The coin and bul ion deposited for or representing the certificates of deposit shall be retained in the Treasury for the payment of the same on demand. And certificates representing coin in the Treasury may be issued in vment of interest on the public debt, which certificates, PW . . P . . to ether with those issued for com and bullion de sited, shall not ut unv . g ¥’° . . .· time exceed twenty per centum beyond the annount of ccgn and bullion IH the Treasury and the certificates for coin an bullion in theTreasury sha besreceived ul: pur in payment for duties on imports. f · t { Ec. 255. The Secretary of the Treasury may designate any officer 0 diebhhilsyagené. the United States, who has given bonds for the faithful performance of

t his duties, to be disbursing agent for the payment of all moneys appro-

122. ¤_ 1_`§_ 15, Lp_ printed for the construction of public buildings authorized bylaw within 301,306.the district of such officer. Employment of Sec. 256. 'l`he Secretary of the Treasury shall have power to employ p¤¤¤¤¤ *0*?°*m*’ not more than three persons to assist the proper officers of the Govern- §‘l$§YSt;’m_ ° grant in gliscoveiplng ami? ccgleftizg aingyhrraolngv belonging to the United —...——- es w enever e sum s a wi e y any person or corpora- 143 M?Y» 11;*72bg tion, upon such terms and conditions as he shall deem best for the inter- Zfjui @$4, cj esta of the United Stages; but no compensation shall be paid to such 393, . 18, . 192. persons except out of the money end propert so secured· and no person V P shall be emplbyed under the rovisions of this clause who shall not have . . P fully setffolrthrnn an writtap statement, under oath. addressed to the Secretary o the reusury, e character of the claim out of which he proposes be recover or_assist in recovering moneys for the United States. the laws by the violation of which the same have been withheld, and the name of the person, firm, or corporation having thus withheld such mon-