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1082 Trrnn 1.xxm.—THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. TITLE LXXIII. THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. guy Sec. 5579. Incorporation of the institution. I 5587. Library. _ _ _ _ 5580. Regents. 5588. Evidence of title to site and build- 5581. Appointment of regents. ings. 5582. Organization of board. 5589. Protection of property. 5583. Duties of Secretary. 5590. Appropriation of interest 5584. Salary and removal of Secretary, &c. 5591. Acceptance of other sums. 5585. Special meetings of members. 5592. Disposal of unappropriated money. 5586. Reception and arrangementof speci- 5593. Dis ursements. mens and objects of art. 5594. Right of repeal. Will of J amos PREAMBLE. James Smithson, esquire, of London, in the kinlgdom of Smith¤¤¤· Great Britain, having by his last. will and testament given the whole `]§@$§{·§,;`,._ of his property to the United States of America, to found, at Washing- 289, ¤·. 19, p. 197. ton, under the name of the “Smithsonian Institution," an establishment for the increase and didusion of knowledge among men; and the United States having, by an act of Congress, received said property and accepted said trust; therefore, for the faithful execution of said trust, according to the will of the liberal and enlightened donor, Incorporation of Sec. 5579. The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary of State, the i¤¤m¤¤<‘¤· the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of War, the Secretary of 10 Aug., 1346, c. the Navy, the Postmaster-General, the Attorney-General, the Chief- us- 178. S- lm 9. D- 102- tice, the Commissioner of [the Patent- Office] [Patents,] and the governor 1 20 {’l"’·· banc- of the District of Columbia, and such other persons as they may elect QQ F,},?‘1g7·,’ ,,_ honorary members, are hereby constituted an establishment, by the name 69, ·-, 19, 253, of the “Smithsonian Institution/’ for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men; and by that name shall be known and have perpetual succession, with the powers, limitations, and restrictions hereinafter contained, and no other.

 Sec. 5580. The business of the institution shall be conducted at the

10 Aug_, 1546,1-_ city of Washington by a Board of Re ents, named the Regents of the 178, ¤.3,v.9, p. 103. Smithsonian Institution, to be com seg of the Vice-President, the Chief 10 —l°“-· 1809 °· Justice of the United States, and the) overnor of the District of Colum- 11%*3,1 pigflc bia, three members of the Senate ang three members of the House of 1, ,-_i7,  ;_ ’Representatives; together with six other persons, other than members of Congress, two of whom shall be resident in the city of Washington; and lfhe otheg four shall be inhabitants of some State, but no two of them of the same tate. Appointment of Sec. 5581. The regents to be selected shall be appointed as follows: regents. The members of the Senate by the President thereof; the members of `15 Aug, 1g4g_ c_ the House by the Speaker thereof; and the six other persons by joint 178,s. 3,v. 9, p. 103. resolution of the Senate and House of Re resentatives. The members of the House so appointed shall serve for the term of two years; and on 0V€l'y alternate fourth Vliednesday of December a like number shall bc appointed in the same manner, to serve until the fourth Wednesdag in December, in the second year succeeding their appointment. The enators so appointed shall serve during the term for which they shall hold, without reelection, their office as Senators. Vacancies, occasioned by death, resignation, or otherwise. shall be iilled as vacancies in committees are iilled. The regular term of service for the other six members shall be six years; and new elections thereof shall be made by joint resolutions of Congress. Vacancies ocuxsioned by death, resignation, or otherwise may e filled in like manner by joint resolution of Congress. btglrgsnization of Sec. 5582. The regents shall meet in the city of Washington an elect · one of their number as chancellor, who shall be the resi in officer ot ibid, the Board of Regents, and called the chancellor of the Smithsonian Institution, and a suitable plerson as Secretary of the institution, who shall also be the secretary of the Board of Regents. The board shall also elect