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1866.-CHAP. 140.-AN ACT to provide for the revision and consolidation of the 27 June, 1866, q, statute laws of the United States. 140, v_ 14, p_ 74_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House qf'Re esentatives of the United C<>m_mi¤sionm States af America in Congress assembled, That the. President of the United *° .'°"'”° and °°“‘ States be, and he is hereby, authorized, by and with the advice and con- zgjffiaffc u;;,,?;; sent of the Senate, to appoint three persons, learned in the law, as com- or the-’Unit,gd missioners, to revise, simplify, arrange, and consolidate all statutes of the States. United States, general and permanent in their nature, which shall be in fierce at the time such commissioners may make the final report of their oings. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, in performing this duty, the Duties of the commissioners shall bring together all statutes and parts of statutes which, °°mmi¤¤i<>¤€P¤- from similarity of subject, ought to be brought together, omitting redundant or obsolete enactments, and making such alterations as may be necessary to reconcile the contradictions, sup ly the omissions, and amend the imperfections of the original text; and) they shall arrange the same under titles, chapters, and sections, or other suitable divisions and subdivisions, with head-notes briefly expressive of the matter contained in such divisions; also with sidemotes, so drawn as to point to the contents of the text, and with references to the original text from which each section is compiled, and to the decisions of the federal courts, explaining or expoundincg the same, and also to such decisions of the State courts as they may eem expedient; and they shall provide by a temporary index, or other expedient means, for an easy reference to every portion of their re rt. Size. 3. And be itjin·t/wr enacted, That when the commissioners have Ovpy of their completed the revision and consolidation of the statutesasaforesaid, they °°'“Pl°*°<} Wmk ta shalhcause a copy of the same, in rint, to he submitted to Congress, that g°gn°“b';“jg"d HL2 the statutes so revised and consolidated may be re-enacted, if Congress to bgrsisade. P shall so determine; and at the same time they shall also suggest to Con- Suggestions ress such contradictions, omissions, and imperfections as ma appear in ` Sie original text, with the mode in which they have reconciled; supplied, and amended the same; and they may also designate such statutes or parts of statutes as, in their judgment, ought to be repealed, with their reasons for such repeal. Sec. 4. And be itjin·ther enacted, That the commissioners shall be au- Worl; may be thorized to cause their work to be printed in parts, so fast as it may he P¤¤**>d in P¤¤'*»¤· ready for the press, and to distribute copies of the same to members of Con ss, and to such other persons, in limited numbers, as they mav see fit, fb]: the purpose of obtaining their suggestions; and they shall, from B°P°** *0 C°¤· time to time, re rt to Congress their progress and doings. gms' Sec. 5. And gjit further enacted, That the statutes so revised and con- Revision whento solidated shall be reported to Congress as soon as practicable, and the l’° °°mPl°**’d- whole work closed without unnecessavpyl delay. Sec. 6. And be itfurtizer enacted, at the commissioners shall each Conipensationot receive as compensation for his services at the rate of five thousand dol- °°m¤>*¤¤¤°¤°¤`¤· lars a year for three years, with the reasonable exlpenses of clerical service Clerical service and other incidental matters, notto exceed two thousand dollars annually md ¤¤¤¤<i<>¤¤1 ·‘>¤· for such expenses. P°m°°` Approved, June 27, 1866. 1089