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1222 INDEX, semen. Somoa. CBWE8 AND 0FFENSES—C0ntinued. (BRIEFS AND 0 ntinued. Against operations of government- Agauut operatwus of government- Continued. Continued. offenses under naturalization laws ap- falsely assumrng to be revenue officer, pl to cases in any court. e ...“ 5429 _ gte ._ ... _ .. 5448 unlawfully usin genuine plates for brrbrng judge of United States 5449 printing obhgations of United l mernberof Congress, tomfluence vote 5450 States ____ _ ____,_________________ 5-30 ‘ officer of United States to influence engraving plate in likeness of plateaction I .,... . 5451 designed for printing snch oblige- giving or offering presents to officer of tions _____,___,,__,,,_,.,,.,,,,., 5430 revenue by importers . ... 5452 having in possession, plate in simil- secreting, embezzlrng, carrying away, itude of plate for printing such ob- &c., implements or use in printing ligstionen __,..,,,,,,,,,,.,...,... 5430 obligations, &c., of United rates.. 5453 printing, &c., engravings in likeness paper or other material intended for of such obligations ... 5430 such use . 5453 bringing into United States plate, &c., unlawfully taking away or using, &c., or engravings in likeness of such pppers relating to claims against obligations .. 5430 nitod States 5454 passing, uttering, counterfeited, orc., enticing soldiers orsailorstodesertfrom sur-h obligations . 5431 service of United States, harboring taking or making impression from im- deserters 5455 p ement to be used in printing such robbery or larcenyjof personal property obligations .. 5432 belonging to nited States .,.. 5456 having rn possession impression from Against elective franchise and civil implement intend for printing rights of citizens ... such obligations . 5433 preventing citizen from qualifying to vote buying, selling, counterfeited obliga- or voting, &c ...,.. 5506 tions 5434intimidating another in exercising right national-bank notes 5434 of suffrage ...,,.___. 5507, 5509 false personation of holder of public conspiring to oppress citizen in exercise, stocks or person entitled to pension, c., of any right ...,,_._,,,, 5508, 5509 prize-money, drc . 5435 subjecting inhabitant to deprivation of demanding sum in public stocks, or pen- rights under color of law ,_____,_____ 3510 sion, prize-money, &e., by forged, false personation at election, voting more power of attorney 5436 t an once, &c., or at place not anofficer of expired corporation uttering thorized ..,...,..___... 5511 as money bills of corporation. 5437 preventing voter from voting at election presenting or payment, &c., claim of Representative .. 5511 against United States, knowing it compelling officer of election to receive fa se 5438 or refuse vote contra to law _,,,___ 5511 using false voucher, &c., to obtain pay- or inducing officer of leiections to vioment of claim 5438 late duty .. 5511 delivering less money`, &c.,for military false personation at registration of votor naval use t an described in ; ers _,,,___,,__,,_,,,_,___,,_,,,._,, 5512 voucher for .. 5438 l by force, src., preventing person fron] giving voucher, &c., for property for registering as voter. 5512 militaryornavalusewrthoutknow- compelling or inducing officer of regising truth, and with intent, du: . 5438 tration to violate duty .. 5512 purchasing from soldier, officer, not violations by officer of registration .. 5512 having right to sell arms, equip- what deemed registration of voters .. 5513 _ \¤€¤i8» -·~·------·---·· _· ·; - - 5438 P¥`lma·f8Cl€ evidence of voting or offering actions agarnst persons_ commrttrng to vote unlawfully at election ... 5514 any offenses named rn above sec- violations by officer of elections _________ 5515 lion .. 3490-3494 , obstructing officer charged with exc",- stealing, embezzling, unlawfully selling tion of wanant under civil-rights arms. stores. &c ..---------·-··--- 5439 , law; rescuing from custody ___,_____ asm in conspirac to commit offense, or de- . marshal, &c., refusing to execute powers fraud dnited States, all parties ‘ under civil-rights law .. 5517 liable for act of one .. 5-H0 conspiracy to prevent rson from aerlefranding captor, or the United States, cepting or holding ofgge under United &¢·., in relation to property taken States .,..,_,,,______,_,___ 5618 as prize. ... ... ., 5441 to induce person holdin office under consul,' &c., fagely certifying mvorie- - 5442 flnited States to leave gtate . 5518 voncea ing or estroying invoice, c., to n ure rson holdin offic of goods imported 5443 United States { 5 5518 admitting goods to entry on payment i for depriving person or class of persons of less than lawful duty .. 5444 i of equal protection of laws ... 5519 effecting entry of goods_ at than = to prevent, by force, citizen qualiweight, on false classification, or on j fied to vote from advocating &c payment ofless than lawful duties. 5445 F election of President, or member rescuing propeéty taken or detained by 5446 Congress .,,,.,. 5520 revenue 0 cer _ ... supervisor of election s---.-·- resisting, &c., officer of customsm mak- marshal refusing (ori- geeglbitiirigmtmji ing seizures or searches ... 5447 perform duty ,,_____ _. 552; staving, throwing overboard property obstructing supervisors, or--marshm,-or drc., to prevent seizure ... 5447 deputies rn performance of duty . 5522