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Trrmu xm.—THE J UDICIARY.-—-Ch. 7. 119 they so disagreed shall, during the same term, be stated under the direc- 29 Apr-, 180% ¤· tion of the judges. and certified, and such certificate shall be entered 36 "· *°= "· 2- P- of record. l¤•¤ $•••-I ;;,_...; Q51e u. [ge, 2 Cr., 33; Hepburn r. Ellsey, 2 Cr., 445; U. S. 1;. Tyler, 7 @.,285; Rom v. Trip ett, 3 Wh., 600; U. S. r. Lancaster, 5 ’h., 434; U. S. r. Dame , 6 Wh., 542; Wayman cz. Southard, 10 Wh., 1; Devereaux r. Marr, 12 Wh., 212; De Wolf v. Usher, 3 Pet., 269; Saunders v. Gould, 4 Pet., 392; Bank United States r. Green, 6 Pet., 26; Grantv. Raymond, 6Pet., 218; U. S. r. Bailey, 9 Pet., 267; Davis r. Braden, l0 Pet., 286; Smith r. Vaughan, 10 Pet., 366; Packer v. Nixon, 10 Pet., 408; Adams r. Jones, I2 Pet., 207; White r. Turk, 12 Pet., 238; U. S. r. Briggs, 5 How., 208; Nesmith 1-. Sheldon, 6 How.. 41; Luther r. Borden, 7 How., 1; I'. S. r. Chicago, 7 How., l85; Sadler v. Hoover, 7 How., 646; Wilson v. Barnum, 8 How., 258; Dennistoun an Stewart, 18 How., 565; U. S. v. City Bank of Columbus, 19 How., 385; Silliman v. Hudson River Bridge, 1 Bl., 582; E2: parte Gordon, 1 Bl., 503; Ward r. Chamberlain, 2 Bl., 430; Daniels v. Railroad Compan ·, 3 Wall., 250; Havemeyer r. Iowa Couuty,3 Wall., 294; Brobet v. Brobst, 4 Wall., 2; S. 1-. Rosenbmgh, 7 Wall., 580; Hannauer r. Woodruff, 10 Wall., 482. Sec. 653. The circuit court for the eastern district of Missouri, is _B¤9i¤¤¤¤ of the vested with full and complete jurisdiction to hear, determine, and dis- '3)""“? mgft .f°" pose of, according to the usual course of judicial proceedings, all suits, of°Mi;gm.i 12:3: causes, motions, and other matters which were pendin in the circuit ici-red, how. court of the United States in and for the districts of %\/Iissouri at the · time the said circuit court for the eastern district of Missouri was created, 200 s_ °] 'g,_ 17 ‘ It on the eighth day of June, eighteen hundred and seventytwo, and also 476: ’ ’ all other matters which have since arisen that pertain to said suits or causes, and also to make all orders and issue of (‘) all processes which said circuit court of the United States in and for the districts of Missouri mi5ht have done if it had not ceased to exist; and said circuit court for sai eastern district of Missouri is vested with jurisdiction and authority to do all and singular that may in the due course of judicial proceedings pertain to any of said suits, causes, or untinished businew as fully as the said circuit court in and for the districts of Missouri might have done if said circuit court had not ceased to exist. Sizc. 654. The service of rocess, mesne or final, issued out of said Process issued circuit court of the United States in and for the districts of Missouri, °“!* 0* *°"¤°¤‘ °$¤‘· which service was had after the eighth day of June, eighteen hundred §:£,f°°rt fm Mm' and seventy-two, and all levies, seizures, and sales made thereunder, -J-—-- also all service, seizures, levies, and sales made under any rocess which 2Og5 F?-· 18;% °- issued as out of said court after the said eighth day of Jbne, eighteen 476j °‘ ’ v` 7’ P' hundred and seventy-two, are made valid, and all said processes are to be deemed returnable to said circuit court of the United States in and for the eastern district of Missouri as of the return day thereof. Sec. 655. Either of the circuit courts for the eastern and for the Transfer ofcases western district of Missouri mav order any suit, cause, or other matter b¢*W¢¤¤ ¢¤¤¢¤§‘¤ pending therein, and commenced prior to the creation of said new court, €;}Em“'°“m" d‘“‘ to be transferred for trial or determination to the other of said circuit —;f—-t-·» courts when, in the opinion of the court, said transfer oughtto be made; 2O5a' F°§’·» 18;,} *‘- and the court to which said transfer is made shall have as full authority ud °‘ ’ v' ’ p` and jurisdiction over the same from the date the certified transcript of the record thereof is filed as if the same had been originally pendin therein. Sm. 656. That the clerk of the circuit court for the eastern district of Custodlot books, Missouri, and his successors inlpciiice, shall have the custody of all records, gmégimg-bgf book rs, and ro rt Ion 'n or in an * wise a ertainin to · ‘ said court oi? td: Uyhited Sglatgs in and fdr the disitlricts of Mis- s£`[l'..--4---- souri, and, as such custodians and the successors of the clerk of said 203* F°:’·· li? °· last-named court, they are hereby invested with the same powers and 476: °‘ ’v' ’ P‘ authority with respect thereto as the clerk thereof had during the existence of said last-named circuit court. Said circuit court for the eastern district of Missouri is hereby made the successor of said circuit court of the United States in and for the districts of Missouri as to all suits, causes, and unfinished business therein or in any wise pertaining thereto, except as hereinbefore provided. Sec. 657 . The ori ina °urisdiction of the circuit court for the southern Circuit court for district of New Yong: shail not be construed to extend to causes of action '?\?;’:}‘°:{;‘:L°*“lf;Q: arising within the northern district of said State. fimiwd ’ 3 April, 1818, c. 32, s. 6, v. 3, p. 415.-—·Wheeler v. McCormick, 8 Blatch. C. C., 287. (•) The word of in the Roll redundant. s·r—0I;—-13