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162 ’I‘rrL1: xm.-THE JUDICI.AB.Y.—Ch. 17. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN. IVIDIIGI. 858. No witness excluded on account of885. Organization certifiuntes of national color or interest, provided, &c. h•nks._ 859. Testimony of witnesses before Con- . 886. Transcripts from {rc., of the gress not admissible against them Treasury m suits against dehnm criminalprosecutions. _ qnents. 860. Pleadings, disclosures, dw., not to be 88:. Transqriptsl gispshftof tigebtt usedin cnmma proceedings. ury n 1 ic e zz 861. Mode of Proof in common-law actions. ment of public moneys. 862. Mode o proof in equity and admi- &pies offreturnsi;in1ehimr-(<;;mce.d f ralt causes. . piesopost-ocereco san o 863. Depogitions de bene ease. Auditor' s statement of account. 864. Mode of taking depositions de bene 890. Cgpiesocgi stalteéments of demands by ease. ost- ce partment. 865. Transmimion to the court of deposi- 891. SIB records, &c., of General tions de bene esac. - ce. 866. Depgsitions under aéigdimwpommum 892. of records, the., of Patentan m perpeluam, . 867. Depositions in perpetuam, &c., admis- 893. Copies of foreign letters-patent. si le at discretion of the court. 894. Printed copies of speci cations and 868. Depositions under a dedimua polcda- drawings of patents. tem, how taken. 895. Extracts from the Journals of Con- 869. Subpoma duces tecum undera dedimua I gr®. véwlestatem. I 896. Copies of records, &c., in offices of 870. itness under a dedimua poleswtem, nited States consuls, &c. 8 when required to attend. _ I 897. books and papers inpdices of 71. Depositions m Districthof Columbia (%T‘iD!'l((£t spd circuit Iclourts in 'lglexas, in suits pen ing elsew ere. ori a, isconsin,, innesota, owa, 872. Same subject; when no commission and Katnésss. rd th I nor notice. 898. Transcri reco s in e cerk’s 873. Same subject; manner of taking and offices of western district of North 7 Séransmltting the deposition. “CIaro1ina. al rd I d 8 4. me su ject; witnem- ees. 899.en origin reco sane ostor e- 875. Letters rogatory from United States stroyed. courts. 900. Same subject. 876. Subpocnas for witnesses to run into 901. Same subject. another district. 902. Records of northern district of Illi- 877. Witnesseg form of subpcsna; attend- nois destroyed by fire. ance un er. 903. Same su ject. 87:-. Witnesses in behalf of indigent de 904. Same subject. fendants in criminal cases. 905. Authentication of legislative acts and 879. Rec-ognizance of witnesses at the hear- proof of judicial proceedings of ing of charges in criminal cases. fates, &c. 880. Vlermonk reoogni nce of witnemes, 906. Proof 0; records, &c., kept in offices ow ta en. not pe amin to courts. “"" ".1’°..°“{}"2"f.° °* "i?é.°$?§“ '°?“}R"·“€ “°” C"‘”°°t§‘ i°.E?¤?‘§*‘}¤'°°°’°”2»§"°‘a;’°'t‘;Ei m ns. no csrw m s ·1es1n e m atthrney pp Stgtes. 882. Copies of Department records and 908. Little 8: Iirownés edition of the statpa rs. utesoieevi nc. 883. Cgpifs of regotfs, Jac., in onine of the 909. Burden of prooffivhgn it lies on claimlicitor 0 e Treasury. ant in seizure cases. 884. Instruéneints) and papers of Comptml- 910. Possessory actions for recovery of ero the urrency. mining-titles. ' Ilgzdwimw ex; Sec. 858. In the courts of the United States no witness shall be exg,‘;0I0rQ)’;I:$;Q:I3_ cluded m any action on account of color, or in any civil action because p,.0,,Id8dI &c_ ’ he is a party to or 1hf£l'€BtBd·l\'1 the issue tried: Bwzded, That in actions

 by or against executors, adrnmistrators, or guardians, in which `udgment

2,0 s_ *`,_ 13* pj may be rendered for or against them, neit er party shall be allowed to 35]: ’ ’ ‘ testify against the other, as to any transaction with, or statement by, the 3 Mar., 1865. c. testator, intestate., or ward, unless calledto testify thereto by the opposite 11:;%*3 Fn partIy, or required to testifv thereto by the court. In all other res cts, ,89, s_'t?';_ ,2;; the laws of the State in which the court is held shall be the mi; of 5gg_ decision as_t0 the competency of witnesses in the courts of the United

 States ID trials at common law, and ln equity and admiralty. [Sn S 1077-1

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