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172 rn-LE xm.-rum Juniomnr.-cn. iv-1s. up by him and returned to the Solicitor of the Treasury, who shall file them in his office, and cause them to be recorded in a book to be kept for that purpose. A copy of any such law, ]udgment, order, decree, yournal, correspondence, or other public document, so filed, or of the same so record in said book, may be read in evidence in any court, where the title to land claimed by or under the United States may come into question, equally with the originals. _ Little&Br0 ’s See. 908. The edition of the laws and treaties of the United States, °'1*“°”t°f*£° ***9 published by Little & Brown, shall be competent evidence of the several gps0g_ ° ° °“` public and private acts of Congress, and o _ the several treaties_ therein ——-———— contained. in all the courts of law and equity and of maritime ]urisd1c- mg $38; 5846;,2 tion., and in all the tribunals and public offices of the United States, and ’’ ‘ ’P'of the several States withoutan rfurther roof or authentication thereof. , . · . l. P . . Burden of proof, Sec. 909. In suits or informations brouglht, where any seizure is made Wbfn it ll€§ <·¤ pursuant to any act providing for or regu ting the collection of duties °l’“'““”"’“ “°"‘“'° on imports or tonnage, if the property is claime by any person. the bur- ..._...°l`¤E den of proof shall lie upon such c aimant: .Pr·m>ide ., That probable cause 2 MM 1799 C is shown for such prosecution, to be ]udged of by the court. 22, ss. 70, 71, v. l, p. 678.-Locke r. U. S., 7 Cr., 339; The Luminary, 8 Wh.. 407; Clifton v. U. S., 4 How., 242; Buckley r. U. S., 4 How., 251; Cliquot’s Champagne, 3 Wall., 143; The John Gridin, 15 Wall., 29; L'. S. 1-. An Open Boat, 5 Mas., 232. _ Y’¤¤S¢¤¤¤P>’ ¤¤- Sec. 910. No possessory action between persons, in any court of the 2f:;;?' f§‘;fe‘:’Y United States, for the recovergly of any mining title, or for damages to B.:i.— -- any such title, shall be aifecte by the fact that the paramount title to 6427 §`°l’k}8654;i‘i- the land in which such mines lie is in the United States; but each case ’°‘ ’V' ’l°'shall be adjudged by the law of possession. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN. PROCEDURE. ssc. sec. 911. Sealing and of writs. 931. Dischmige of attachment bond. 912. Tests of process, a(y of. 932. Accru rights not to be abridged. 913. Mesne process an proceedings in 933. Attachments dissolved inconformity equity and admiralt . with State laws. 914. Practice and proceed. ings in other934. Property taken under revenue laws than equity and admiralty cases. irrepleviable. 915. Attachments. 935. Garnishees in suits by the United 916. Executions in common-law causes. States on notes, &c. 917. Power of the Supreme Court to regu- 936. Issue tendered when garnishee denies late the pnictice of circuit and is- indebtedness. trict courts. , 937. Garnishee failing to appear. 918. Practice in the several courts to be 938. Bailing of property seized under cusregulated b_y their own rules. toms laws. 919. Suits for duties, imposts, taxes, penal- 939. Sale after condemnation. ties, or forfeitures. 940. In cases of seizure, bailing of prop- 920. Consolidation of revenue seizures. · erty in vacation 921. Orders to save costs, and consolida- 941. Delivery bond in admiralty proceedtion of causes of a like nature.ings. 922. When the marshal or his deputy is a l 942. Special bail required in suits for party in a cause. duties and nalties. 923. Seizures for forfeiture, in certain 943. When defenxnt giving bail in one ca>es. _ _ district is committed in another. 92A. Attachment in postal suits. 944. Defendant held until judgment in 925. Application for warrant; by whom the first suit. and how made. 945. Bail and aiiidavits may be taken by 926. Issuing warrant; duty of clerk and commissioners of circuit courts. marshal. 946. Calling of bail in Kentucky. 927. Ownership of attached property; 947. When clerks may take bail de bene trial; other remedies. mg. 928. Proceeds of attached property to be i 948. Amendment of process. invested.949. Priority of cases in which a State is a 929. Publication of attachment. party. 930. Persons having property of defend- 950. Notice of case for trial. ants to account for it; sales void; * 951. Suite of United States inst indipersonal notice. ; viduals, what credits alalwed.