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TITLE xm.——'l`HE JUDICIARY.—-Ch. 18. 173 8*** _ Sec. 952. In suits xmder postal laws, what 990, Imprisgnmgm for debg credits allowed. 991. Discharge from arrest or imprison- 953. Bill of exceptions. ment on mesne or final process 954. Defects of form; amendments. 992. Privileges of jail-limits. V 955. Death of parties. I 993. Goods taken on a jierifamkrs how ap- 956. When one of several plaintiffs or de- praised. l fendants dres. _ _ 994. Death of marshal after levy or after 957. Delinquents for public money; judg- sale. ment at return term, unless, &c. 995. Moneys paid into court, where and 958. Suits under postal laws; judgment at how deposited. return term, unless, &c. 996. How moneys deposited to be with- 959. Suits on debentures; judgment at drawn. return terrn, unless, &c. 960' Sggéxgzgleggngs 2i5°r;°‘1;rr}L1?f PROCEDURE ox canon AND APPEAL. K'- . 961. Jiédgmengl for sum due in equity on gggjgggl af muses by wm °f €"°"· n s, c. · . . · 962. Judgment for duties, &c., to state 999 Cltaminl Supreme Court mat it is to be cornered in min. ‘°°"· B;°“”‘ “* 3"°’.¤¤d 0** ¤PP•#=¤l- 963. Interest on bonds for duties. 1001* hq bmd mqumid °f United Smmv 96* hgez-;sr;,g;n§)a]a¤ceS due Posbomce 1002. Wgrits of error to district courts act- ` ing as circuit courts.

   3:   1003. ";lI;;SOE)§S§l;';0l' to State courts, man-

96l' w;,2§2ml;;€gl€§tSe iqengmmd States I 1004. Writs of error returnable to the 968. When plaintiff or petitioner reoov- l 1005 Asuprgma C°ugt¤ l?°“}‘”““d· ers in s. circuit court less than l00B' Amendment 9 wut O °"`°r' certain amounts, he recovers no‘ men mem m P""} °‘pP€alS‘ msu 1007. Supersedeas. 969. Costs in internal-revenue suits upon l00S' wma ogenm fmdfappcais to S"' information 1009 Apremf _ ourt, time or talxmg. 970. Claimant not summa m costs when ·- PP°“ “’“ P"" °°"¤°·"· W m Wm reasonable cause of seizure. 1010 Dx3m' d . 971. Double costs when plaintiff is non- ‘ ers? an costs °" °mrm°‘”°° m alffgg ggizssgogcl against Omcer Igeverial ton error limited. S 972. Copyright suits, full costs allowed. ‘ ppm sCr°l:_)t cncm comm to u' 973. Costs not recoverable in certain suits 1013 wtzemcboslg ‘rt. 1 to th S for infringement of patent, unless ‘ are C riff me appez m 2 u' disclaimer entered, &c_ preme ou , one recor su cient. 974. When cost; of prosecution to be paid CRIMINAL PROC DUKE by defen ant. E · 975. When costs are recovered by defendant in a rosecution. 1014. Offenders against the United States, 976. Fees of clerk, marshal, &c.; when howarrested and removed fortrial. payable byinformer,when by United 1015. Bail shiallbbe aldmitted in cases not States. ca ita; w om. 977. Costs, when several actions are 1016. Bail) may be admitted in capital brought against parties who might cases; by whom. bejoined in one. · 1017. Bail in criminal cases removed by 978. Allowance of costs in Iibels against writ of error from State courts. vessel and cargo. 1018. Surrender of criminals by their bail. 979. Claimant’s costs to be paid before 1019. New bail tobegiven in certain cases. possession, when, &c. 1020. When penalty of recognizances may 980. When district attorney is entitled to be remitted. but one bill of costs for several 1021. Iradictngents and presenténentsto be rosecutions. at east twe ve gran jurors. 981. Tgxation of fees of witness before a 1022. Offyenses against the elective francommissioner. chise, how prosecuted. 982. Attomey liable for costs vexatiously 1023. Matters set forth in prosecutions for 983 Bincrtizased bylhimtgl d gcqjury before a naval court-map . i o costs ow xe . • I3 . 984. Bill of costs to be sworn to before } 1024. Chairgeswhich1rrf;a{;€be joined in one taxed or allowed. , in ictment s a so joined. 985. Executions to run in all the districts I 1025. Indictments, defects of form. of a State. f 1026. Judgment on demurrer to an indict- 986. Executions in favor of United States A ment. _ to run in every State and Terri- < 1027. Vtglien several indictments naigainst torv. esame person, one writsu cient. 987. Executions stayed on c0ndi¢10DS· 1028. COR)/_0f writ to be jailer’s authority; 988. When judgment debtor entitled to a original returned. _ continuance of one term. 1029. Writ for removal of a prisoner from 989. Execution not to issue against officers one district to another. of revenue in cases of probable 1030. No writ necessartybtlo brmginto court muse, &<·. a person 1D cus y.