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Trrnz xv.-—THE NAVY.—Ch. 6. 263 necessity and expediency of such remirs and the probable cost thereof 21 Fsb-. 1861, c- are ascertained and reported to the `avy Department by an examining 4°· '· 1·"· 12v P- 1*7- board, which shall be composed of one captain or commander in the Navy, designated bv the Secretary of the Navy, the naval constructor of the vard w ere such vessel may be ordered for repairs, and two master workmen of said yard, or one master workman and an engineer of the Navy, according to the nature of the repairs to be made. Said master workmen and engineer shall be designated by the head of the Bureau of Construction an Repair. Sec. 1539. Not more than one thousand dollars shall be expended in Repairs on sails repairs on the sails and rigging of any vessel, until the necessity and and **8811*8- expediency of such repairs and the estimated cost thereof have been ascertained and reppsrted to the Navy Department by an examining 49,¤·1.v-12.p.147. board, which shall comfosed of one naval officer, designated by the Secretary of the Navy, an the master ri ger and the master sail-maker of the yard where such vessel may be ordered. Sec. 15-10. The President may direct any armedvvessel of the United S¤1¤¤fv¤¤¤¤}¤¤n- States to be sold when, in his opinion, such vessel is so much out of m°°b“'°P°“'°d· repair that it will not be for the interest of the United States to repair 21 April, 1806, c. hg]·_ 47, B. 3, V. 2, p. 402. Sec. 1541. The Secretary of the Navy is authorized and directed to _ Sale of unservsell, at public sale, such vessels and materials of the United States ‘°°‘bl° Y°¤¤¤1¤ Navy as, in his gudgment, cannot be advantageously used, re ired, or °]°?.'i’EtE'L°d'L.. fitted out; and e shall, at the opening of each session of Chu ress, 23 Mer., 1872,c. make a full report to Congress of all vessels and materials sold, the {gi °· 2· V- l7· P- parties buying the same, and the amount realized therefrom, together ' with such other facts as may be necessary to a full understanding of his acts. Sec. 1542. The President may select the commandants of the several Gommandantscl navy-yards from officers not below the grade of commander. “*VYjY$fd§·___ 2 Aug., 1861, c. 36, v. 12, p. 285. 5 July, 1862, c. 134, s. 2, v. 12, p. 510. Sec. 1543. The persons employed at the several navyyards to super- Master workintend the mechanical departments, and heretofore nown as master 'f§· mechanics, master carpenters, master joiners, master blacksmiths, master 17 June, 1868, c. b0iler·makers, master sail-makers, master plumbers, master painters, 61.¤-Lv-15,p.69. master calkers, master masons, master boat-builders, master spar-makers, master block—makers, master laborers, and the superintendents of ropewalks shall be men skilled in their several duties and appointed from civil life, and shall not be a pznted from the officers of the Navy. Sec. 1544. Laborers shall) employed in the several navy-yards by Laborers, how the proper officers in charge with reference to skill and eiiiciency, and “1“°“’d· without regard to other considerations. 19g3B1l;aya Sm. 1545. Salaries shall not be paid to any employes in any of the _Salaries; per navy-yards, except those who are designated in the estimates. _All other 21;*:* *¤>¤¤l>¢¤¤¤· persons shall receive a per diem compensation for the time during which .-iijmiisbz-E they may be actually employed. _ m4_,_1,v_ig,p_g,};4f Sec. 1546. No officer or employe of the Government shall require or 'Requiring conrequest any working man in any navy-yard to contr1bute or pay any tpbupons or pomoney for political purposes, nor shal any working man be removed or l£‘_$;_yP·‘:d'gPf°°° *1* discharged for political opinion; and any officer or employe of the Gov- _,__..._ ernment who shall offend against the provisions of this section shall be 7; Ma;. 185, c- dismissed from the service of the United States. 292: “· ·"· · 1’· er-0B—22