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264 rms xv.-rua NAV Y.-on. 7. CHAPTER SEVEN. GENERAL PROVISIONS RELATING T0 THE NAVY. Sec. l Sec. 1547. Regulations. _1551. Insane of the Navy. 1548. Copy t0_be furnished to officers. , 1552. Coal-depots. 1549. Regulations of supplies. _ 1553. Lnticing persons to desert. 1550. Appointment of persons to disburse l 1554. Capturedflsgs. _ _ money 0n foreign stations. 1555. Preservation of, in some public place. Regulations. Sec. 1547. The orders, regulations, and instructions issued by the Sec- —-14 July, 1862, A retary of the Navy prior to uly 14, 1862, with Isuch alterations as he may 164, s. 5, v. 12, p. since have adopted with the approval of the resident shall be reco - 565- nized as the regulations of the Navy, subject to alterations adopted in the same manner. Cop to be fur- Sec. 1548. The Secretar of the Navy shall cause each commissioned ¤l¤h°dy*°_jfllf{°-_ or warrant oilieer of the Nlavy, on his entry into the service, to be fur- 17 Jul ,1862, c. nished with a copy of the regulations and general orders of the Navy gpg, s. isi; v. 12, p. Departnéent then in force, and thereafter with a copy of all such as may · be issue . Regulations of Sap., 1549. It shall be the duty of the President make, subject to the 3’PI#‘*E';___.. provisions of law concerning supplies, such regulations for the purchase, 26 A“$·· 1841 °· preservation, and disposition of all articles, stores, and supplies for per- 20g’?,li,)_;5i§4??2Q sons, in thefbllavyilas may belpecessary for the safe and economical admin- 48, s.l,v. 9, p. 171. istration o t at ranc of the public service. Appointment oi Sec. 1550. No person shall be employed or continued abroad; to receive persons to disberse and pay money for the use of the naval service on foreign stations, whether

';’3§,{,,°“ l°""‘€“ under contract or otherwise, who has not been, or shall not be, appointed

__; __ by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. 17 June, 1844, c. 107, s. 4, v. 5, p. 703. Insane of the Sec. 1551. The Secretary of the Navy may cause persons in the naval N°"Y· service_or Marine Corps, who become insane while in the service, to be 3 Aug., 1848, c. placed in such hospital for the insane as, in his opinion, will be most con- 5;, ¤· l3» V- 9» P- venient and best calculated to promise a restoration of reason. And he 2' July, lm, c_ IES? my to_any such hospital, other than the Government Hospital for pm, s_ 2, ,,_ 13, p, t_ e Insane in the District of Lolumbia, the pay which may from time to 348. time be due to such insane person, and he may, in addition thereto, pay to guch llnsltitucliop, from the annual appiéopriatlion for the paval service, un er the ea o contingent enumerate any eticiency o a reasonable expense, not exceeding one hundred dollars per annum. Coal-depots. Ec. 1552. The Secretary of the Navy may establish, at such places as vi3_‘, he miiy cleem neclessaryp suitable depots of coal, and other fuel, for the 279,,,7, ._’5, ,577, su p y 0 steams ips o war. Emlcillgpgmm Sec. 1553. Any person who shall entice or procure, or attempt to entice to desert. or procure, any seaman or other dperson in the naval service of the United

 States, or who has been_recruite_ for such service, to desert therefrom, or

204, v_ 13, P, 3.l3_ who shall in anywise aid or assist any such seaman or other person in deserting, or m attempting to desert from such service, or who shall harbor, conceal, protect, or in anywise assist any such seaman or other person who may have deserted from said service, knowing him to have deserted therefrom, or who shall refuse to give up and deliver such person on the demand of an officer authorized to receive him, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than six months nor more than three years, and y fine of not more than two thousand dollars, to be enforced in any court of gba Un1ted'1Stat§s3 having ]urisdiction. Captured flags. EC. 1554. he cretary of the Navy shall cause to be collected and ”“‘ - "“" transmitted to him, at the seat of Government of the United States, all 18 April, 1814, c. 18,,, 1,,., 3, P, 133_ such flags, standards, and colors as shall have been or may hereafter be taken by the Navy from enemies. _ Preservation of, Sec. 1555. All flags, standards, and colors of the description mentioned

,‘},§Q'“° P“b"° the foregoing section, which are now in the possession of the Navy

._;_..._ epartment, or may hereafter be transmitted to it shall be delivered to 18 April, 1814, 4-. the President, for the purpose of being, under his direction, preserved 78, s. 1.v-3.p-133- and displayed in such public place as he may deem proper.