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358 Trru: xxvu.—THE FREEDMEN. T I T L E X X V I I . THE FREEDMEN. sec. s . 2032. Certain acts continued in force. 2036. May invest the fund, and for what 2033. Such lavysvso be enforced by Secre- 2037 wplurpoggd ed f d h d ta ’. . oo eemwieancil n 2034. Accdhnts fofrexpenditures, bc., to of colored soldiers. N 2035 be paid what fundtbnind how. 2038. Fre·e)dme:’s Hospital lin&District of . tary o . ar appoin trustee um ia, contmuec , c. of a retained—bounty fund, &c. _ Certain Mw wv- Sec. 2032. All laws and parts of laws pertaining to the collection and

  • ‘““"d “‘ f°l°;_ pa ment of bounty, prize—money, and other le itimate claims of colored

10 June,'l872,c. solydiers, sailors, and marines, or their heirs, 5iall remain in force until

  • lg»¤·:;§·l*»!:36; otherwise ordered by Congress.

uc laws 0 ‘ ’ ‘’ ·~··*~·»¤ M·»- ».$3;Z°S$;£`E? E$$’§'iZ?2’LF.Sll“¥JSt§Z*hY€LZ£.” Z“J3I.L"€§’.3”t'iI’E£}§ tary of War. d h “ . E g ’ Ibid_ en e may ernploy such clerical force as e deems necessary. Accounts 50,- ex- Sec. 2034. here accounts have been rendered for necessarv expendgnditures, &c., to itures incurred for refugees or freedmen, under the sanction of the proper hml(;“'gr5(;°l'::);Vh** officers, but which cannot be settled for want of specific appropriations,

 the same may be paid out of git; fund for the relief of refugees and freed-

,23yS_2’v··,4, 1,5; men, on the approva of the rotary [of] War. 27 Feb., 187g, c. 69, v. 19, p. 244. Secretaryoi War Sec. 2035. The Secretary of War is constituted the la f l tod'a

QP°“:_*°‘: l·"“”*°° of a retained bounty fund which has been derived from aw urtihxhsof th;

a e ained- . · . ’ . . . . .p? bounty f,,,,d_ &,,_ State bounties of certain colored soldiers enlisted in Virginia and North m-QT Carolina, during the years 1864 and _1865, and which, by virtue of Gen- 186,s·1,\;_»14Ip·5h5: eral Orders No. 90, Department of Virginia and North Carolina, was held ply the Superintendent of Freedmen’s Affairs. but was turned over to e Bureau upon its organization; and the Secretary of War shall hold the fund tasitrustze fn: tbilbeneht ofhsnplncolorgd soldiers or their legal represen ives, w om e same s a e pai upon their application or discovery. May invest the Sec. 2036. The Secretary of War is empowered to invest the fund, or

  • ¤¤d»¤¤d*<>¤‘ Wh¤* any portion thereof, in bonds of the United States for the exclusive

l°.`f_..___,’l’°°°‘ benefit of such colored soldiers or their legal representatives; but a 1¤€$‘?’J'Z$’% $.'3£€‘°ll”¤$.'$‘Q?I2“‘.i2ir.Th‘2t““'“° "` °€€”t mil ° l$3l§I"‘i§Z “‘“"""""’°‘ ‘° · · » · » · · a I » s ereupon a wi pro y presented for payment. Whotcbedeemed `Ec. 2037. In determining who is th 'f h'ld f a . I '”f° md ¤h¤l<?¤‘¤¤ soldier, within the meaning of this Titilewdvidghcez that (th nldqo Omg ofcolcredsoldiers. th · . . * , 9 S0 l" ml .___;___ c woman claimed to be his wife cohabited or associated a h ba d d SM . , _ _ s us n an No 2;% 1;:5, wife, and so continued to cohabit or associate at the time of enlistment, · · · ·P· · gcgvgderggothsfzgdfogyl of marruzge, whetnfer sinch marriage was author— _ aworno,wasen r int b t mandtht the n<·*‘ cs thereafter lived together as husband aznd Vvifei aind so coh- _. to hye together at the time of the enlistment, shall be deemed sgrnpzntisg oof of marriage; and the children born of any such marriage Gval en to be the c_ ild_ren embraced within the provisions of this Fmd mttiteinlhlcither such marriage was or was not dissolved at the time of the _ men’s Hoe- Sec. 2038. The Freedmen’s Hos ital d A I' ' N ·n D- - , , , _ _ P in sy um m the District of E,,u':1bia‘”;;*::i:f Lolpinimna is, until otherwise ordered by Congress, continued under the nod, &(._ coin ro and supervision of the Secretary of War, who shall make all —————10 June, H71c' ;;I;n:`a€t§¤drp:ss s::)countts,fand be responsible to the Treasnry for all 415,¤_;,v_1y’p_;,66_ of or to , th pa 0 any appropriation shall be used in support ug ning 1371,,; wd, tt d tgay he expenses on account of, any person hereafter to be , x. , p. 506. fm!!!: Same Oillltér ggggigalllgnillrlsyltzum, unless persons removed thither n ospi .