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384 Trrmu xxx:.--THE CENSUS. of ulation, in any case where it appears to him necessary; and whenevdiijfrom the loss or destruction of returns, or from causes beyond the control of the officers charged with the enumeration, it is shown to be impracticable to comply wit the requirements of this section, the Secretary of the Interior may extend the time allowed for rendering returns of opulation, not beyond the first day of October. _N¤w •c¤¤m¤¤=— 2195. Whenever it is found that the census of any district or

  • ]°”· __ subdivision has bee_n improperiy taken, or whenever the returns of any

s0Ju1y,1852b§. d1str1ctIor subdupsipn age acer entally lost or dqstroylpdd tpe Secretaiiy 74.¤· 2.**-1 .P- · of the nteriors a or er a new enumeration o suc is rio or su - division. Secretary of the Sec. 2196. The Secretary of the Interior shall see that due diligence is I9§¤Pi<>P¤> §¤¢ ***8* employed by the marshals and assistants to make return of their respecd;l‘$:§“° ‘“ °m' t1ve doings completed, at the times herein prescribed; and, as the returns ?¥`;-#—-t- are made, shall cause them to be classified and arranged in the best and 1123 ¥,°$'*91;52%‘f‘ most convenient manner for use; and he shall lay the same before Con- ’’’ °gress at the next session. Mmmm {ee., Sec. 2197. Whenever the population returned in any district exceeds

 one million, the marshal thereof shall be entitled to receive as a compen-

11. ,,_ 8’,,¥§;_ p_ .159; sation for all his services at the rate of one dollar for each thousand persons; but if the number returned be less than a million in any district, the marshal thereof shall be allowed for his services at the rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents for each thousand persons; but no marshal shall receive less than two hundred and fifty dollars. And when the compensation does not in the whole exceed the sum of five hundred dollars, a reasonable allowance for clerk-hire, to be determined by the Secretary of the Interior, shall be made. And the marshal of any district may, at his discretion, perform the duties of an assistant in any subdivision in which he may reside; and in such case he shall receive therefor the compensation allowed to assistants for like services. A¤¤ist¤¤t¤’ wm- Sec. 2198. Every assistant shall be allowed, as compensation for his Pj“““_‘§___ services, at the rate of two cents for each person enumerated, and ten 23 May, 1850, c. cents a mile for necessary travel, to be ascertained by multiplying the 11.¤·12.v·9.p·430- square root of the number of dwellin -houses in the division by the square root of the number of square mhes in each division. The prodpézlgshaglbe taken as the number of miles traveled for all purposes in ing e census. Additional wm. Sec. 2199. In addition to the compensation allowed for the enumerapensation. tion of the inhabitants, there shall be paid for each, farm, fully returned,

 ten cents; for each establishment ot productive industry, fully taken

11,s. 13,v. 9, p.420. and returned, fifteen cents; for the social 'statistics, two per cent. upon the ampung allovnéeld for the enumeration of population, and for each nameo a eceas rson returned, two cents; ut in makin returns of farms and establishments of productive industry, the ingzructions given by the Secretary of the Interior must be strictly observed, and no allowance shall be made for any_return not authorized by such instruciéipnskoplfqp qpygpltugpgepptihincpltgqsto the year next preceding the first I31y fo; making Sec. 2200. Every assistant marshal or agent shall be paid, for making glp1m':, “c';;:s§ qplttignidqegprping complqpe cppies of the priiinal censqs-returns, eight ,.e,,1m,,_ _ c page o e wo co ies o the ori ina census-returns

 required by Section twellty-0118 hllllglféd and nin0ty§$W0.

s. 3, v. 16, .118. , Mm1“1P,md M_ bac. 2201. Whenever a marshal certifies that an assistant has comsistants, when Pleted to his satisfaction and made return of the subdivision confided paid- to him, and also certifies the amount of com nsation to which under "%‘_‘;`M,y. 1850, c_ the provisions of law, such assistant is entiti:1 designatin how much 11,.,, 21,v,9, 1., 432, for each kind of service, the Secretary of the hiterior shalfcause onelqalf of the sum so due to paid to such_assistant; and when the returns atyef bqen carefully examined for classification, if found executed in a

1;.::: :::z.r·"::.::,.?.; ::*:L:‘;·;.m *1: r‘··“‘:¤:·.'* *0 *:2 ·**"’· rr

. nner an 1 ns e several marshall: for their services. upon I 6 con it 0 to