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Trn.1¤: xxx1v.—COLLECTION OF DUTIES.-Ch. 9-10. 587 Sm. 3051. No forfeiture shall be incurred under the preceding section No forfeiture for if it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the collector and naval ¤¤¤id¤¤¤ 0* m i ¤· ofiiccr of the district, if there be a naval officer, and if there be no naval ‘3§•?‘;_*_;__- ofiicer. to the satisfaction of the collector, or of the court in which a pros- 2.,* EM';;`" Q'? °‘ ecution for the forfeiture shall be had, that such false denomination, error, 4;§Z;_` ’’ p` or disagreement happened by mistake or accident, and not from any intention to defraud the revenue. Sec. 3052. None of the provisions of this Title shall operate to prevent Exportacionund the exportation of bonded merchandise from warehouse within three “'““SP°"**m°” 0* years from the date of ori ina] importation, nor its transportation in b$;‘;Lel:1u§i°°dS mt bond from the port; into wgich it was originally imported to any other B£¥T8g;j port for the purpose of exportation. 17_ B, 2, {14, of 3, Sec. 3053. Any merchandise imported from the British North AIllE1‘i— Imgzqtations can provinces adjoining the United States, which shall have been duly K°“‘ .’mSh1‘°"h entered and the duties thereon id or secured according to law at JJEPEA »._. either of the Eorts of entry in tg; collection—distn·ic-ts situated on the 8 Aug-, 1§;i_6, ¢- northern, ncrt eastern, and northwestern frontiers of the United States, 1°2• "‘ 9* V "· may be transported by land or by water, or partly by land and partly by water. to any port or ports from which merchandise may be exported for benefit of drawback, and be thence exported with such privilege to any foreign country. The laws relating to the transportation of merchandise entitled to drawback, and the due exportation and roof of landing thereof, and all regulations which the Secretary of the 'llicasury may prescribe for the security of the revenue, must, however, be complied with. Ssc. 3054. Any imported merchandise, in the original packages, which Tmns; > i p n shall have been duly entered and wurehoused in pursuance of the pro- ff; ¥t°;*f"“ Htnmh visions relating to warehouses, may be exported therefrom in conformity 8?6"— with law, and be transported, in the manner indicated, to ports in the 79 s 1% "‘. 9 ’; adjoining British provinces, and become entitled to the benefits of tho e 512, ’ provisions. Ssc. 3055. Merchandise imported into the United States and exported E¤p<>f¢=•ti<>¤ from the port. of Luke Pontchartrain shall be entitled to the benefit of at f‘§;_‘tmI{:k° P°“*` drawback of the duties upon exportation to ang foreign port, under the Lzqm}-i mm - (5 same provisions, regulations, restrictions, an limitations, as if such 76 {2,,-j’4 P $76: merchandise had been exported directly from New Orleans by way of the Mississippi River. Szc. 3056. Any im rted merchandise which has been entered, and the E¤P<>¤·¤§¤¤ to duties id or secureggccording to law, for drawback, may be exported 1* °"h to the Btitish North American provinces adjoining the United States. §G 70, s. 7, v. 5, p. 751. Sec. 3057. _The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby further authorized D¤¤Wb¤¢k Nguto prescribe such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the laws E!'?;? of the United States, us be may deem necessary to carry into effect the 703 ¥fQ*51845.z5§‘ . . . . ,s. , . ,p.¤ . provisions of the laws relating to drawbacks, and to prevent the illegal -®·n— re-importation of any merchandise which shall have been exported as 13 (;_ g}i¤_,470_ ’ herein provided. CHAPTER TEN. IIFORCEIEIT 0F DUTY-LAY S AKD PUNISHIEIT FOR. VIOLA- IONS. s¤·. sec. 3058. Transfers. I 3069. Articles separate from the cargo. 3059. Who may make searches. ; 3070. Locks and fustenings. 3060. Special a pointments, how filed. ’ 3071. Officers to make character known. 3061. Search of vehicles and persons. ‘ 3072. Seizures. 3062. F orfsitures. 3073. Persons msking seizures may plead 3063. Privnty of owner. general issue and give specunl mat- 3064. Search of We. ter evidence. 3065. Entering bui in . 3074. Appranscment. 3066. Warrant to searcgsdwelling-house. 3075. Notice of seizure. 3067. Authority to go on board vessels. 3076. Claim for property seized. 3068. Penalty for obstructing officers in 3077. Sale of property seized. going on board of vessels.