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Trru; xxxv.—IN‘1`ERNAL REVENUE.-Ch. 4., 645 Stamp for rectified spirits, No. -—. Issued by -———— jj·—, collector —-—- district, State of ————. —-——— ——, rectifier of spirits in the ;— district, State of —-—-, -———, 18-. —— proof—gal ons. S United States Gauger. Sm. 3381. [llrhenever anycaskor ck e 0 distilled iritc 0 not less Ga ‘ ewwthanjice wine-gallons isyilledfor shi saleljoor delive1j;7:0nthe`7i»1renzises €f•q,_ <7*787g¤l<¤mPi¤y of any wholesale liquor-dealer, it shall be the duty of a United States gaxager '1’""“ t0 gauge and inspect the same, and place thereon an engraved stamp signed °..—m_f wh dw"' 3( the collector of the district and the said gauger, stating the name of the 20 July, 1888, 0- ealer, the date when ajiwd, and the number of 00jZ allons · which stam 186* *1 25*57*** 15* P" 9 * P .137 149 shall be as follows: PPG Ju;,,, {8.,.2 c 315,s.12,,v.17: I lVh0lesale lzguor-deale·r’s stamp, N0. ———. 243- d I)5 B Issued by —— ;, collector —— district, State of ——. Avy-, 1876, 287, — -——, wholesale liquor-dealer, of———, ·-——— district, State "·19*P·152· 0f-;, —, 18-. —pr00f¥gallans. United States Gauger, ——— District, State of ————.] Sec. 3322. All blanks in any of the forms prescribed in the preceding Filling blanks section shall be duly filled in accordance with the facts in each case. ¤¤d Mlixing and And the stamps therein designated shall in every case be adixed to a 1"°*°°*“‘8°*'”“P°- smooth surface of the cask or other pmkage, which surface shall not have 20 July, isss, C, been previously painted or covered with any substance, and so as to fasten 186, ¤· 25, V- 15, p- the same securely to the cask or package, and shall be duly canceled, and 137* shall then be immediately covered with a coating of transparent varnish or other substance, so as to protect them from removal or damage by exposure; and such ailixing, cancellation, and covering shall be done in such msgner as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue may by regulation rescri . P Sec. 3323. All distilled spirits drawn from any cask or package and _ Spirits drawn placed in any other cask or kage containin not less than ten llons, mm MW PMk¤s¢¤ and intended for sale, shall hgcagain inspectedgand gauged; and this cask t,;°m1,:3£“8§?)r&?£ or (package into which it is so transferred shall be marked or branded, um ` an such marking or branding shall distinctly indicate the name of the W—- ganger, the time and place of inspection, the groof of the spirits, the par- H4_1 ‘* °‘ 47* 1** ticu ar name of such spirits as known to the trade, and the name and 6 Jung, 1872, c_ place of business of the dealer or rectifier, as the case may be; and, 315, s. 12, v. 17, p. except where such spirits have been rectified or compounded, the name 245*5 A also of the distiller and the distillery where such spirits were roduced, 287 ,, {3** 1g? °‘ and the serial number of the original cask or package; and wlhere such ’’P` ` spirits have been rectified, the name of the rectifier, and the serial num- - ber of the rectifier’s stamp; and the absence of such mark or brand shall be held as sufficient cause and evidence for the forfeiture of such unmarked packages of spirits, The legislative approfpriation act of August 15, 1876, c. 287, v. 19, p. 152, repeals so muc o this section as relates " to wholesale liquor dealer’s packages filled on the premises of wholesale liquor dealers," and provides t at " packages of distilled spierits filled on the premises of any wholesale liquor dealer shall therea r be stamped under such rules and regulations as the Commissioner of Interna Revenue may prescribe." Sec. 3324. Every person who empties or draws off, or causes to be Stamps and emptied or drawn off, any distilled spirits from a cask or package bear- }>¤:l<1¤h_0*° be ifing any mark, brand, or stamp required by law, shall, at the time of czks m **1111* Y em tyin such cask or package, eiface and obliterate said mark, stamp, or gram? Every such cask or package from which said mark, bran , 186, s. 43, iv. 15, pi or stamp is not eifaccd and obliterate as herein required, shall `be for- 142. feited to the United States, and may be seized by any oilioer of internal 3 &uS. U1rici,