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774 Trcrun xr.v1.——Tl-IE POSTAL SERVICE.-—Ch. 11. Foreign meii- Sec. -1006. The Postmaste1··General, after advertisin for proposals,

  • ““”P°'”*l°“ may enter into contracts or make suitable arrangements for transporting

°_°°tr°‘°*._..t8' the mail through any foreign country, between any two points in the 8 June, 1872, ¢· United States, and such transportation shall be by the speediest, safest, gi’g·*"·263»"· 17·l’· and most economical route; and all contracts therefor may be revoked ' whenever any new road or canal shall be opened affording a speedier, more economical, and equally safe transportation between the same points; but in case of the revocation of any such contract, a fair indem— nity shall be awarded to the contractor. Contracts for Sec. 4007. The Postmaster—General may, after advertising for pro- <=¤¤'¤‘Yi¤,F {Dai? posals, enter into contract for the transportation of the mail between gggffnd l:,;;;;,,, the United States and an(y foreign country whenever the public interests countries. will thereby be promote . `1biEi.js.2s7,p.s1e. Foreign mail, Sec. 4008. The mail between the United States and any foreign port, Mw '°’¤¤¤P°fdg or between ports of the United States touching at a foreign port, shall be Ibid_, s, 268. transported in steamshi ; but the Postmaster—General may have such transportation performeds by sailing-vessels when the service can be facilitate thereby. Pay for trans- Sec. 4009. For transporting the mail between the United States and P025mg ‘°"‘”€” any foreign port, or between ports of the United States touching at a "l°L.. foreign rt, the Postmaster-General may allow as compensation, if by Ibid, ¤· 269- a United)<States steamship, any sum not exceeding the sea and United States inland postage; and if by a foreign steamship or by a sailingvessel, any sum not exceeding the sea-postage, on the mail so transrted. Fine oimail-com PGS1z0. 4010. The Postmaster—General may impose fines on contractors tractors fer d¤l¤Y· for trans rting the mail between the United States and any foreign Ibid_ ,,_ gm country, fdr any unreasonable or unnecessary delay in the depar·ture of ’ such mail, or the performance of the trip; but the iine for any one default shall not exceed one-half the contract price for the trip. Discontinuing Sec. 4011. Every contract for transporting the mail between the United f<>¤’¤iK¤ *¥¤*“·*"¤¤°" States and any foreign country shall contain, besides the usual stipula- {’rg;,;°t‘°" °°"` tion for the right of the Postmaster-General to discontinue the same, the

 further stipulation that it may be terminated by Congress.

Tmnspomgion Sec. 4012. The Postmaster-General may, by and with the advice and of Canadian, &c-, consent of the President, make any arrangements which may be deemed mall *h'°“8h uw just and expedient for allowing the mails of Canada, or any other coun-

 try adjoinin the United States, to be transported over the territory of

Ibid-, S- 273· the United States from one point in such country to any other point in the same, at the expense of the country to which the mail belongs, upon obtaining a like privilege for the transportation of the United States mail through the country to which the privilege is granted; brit such rivilege may at any time be annulled bv the President or Congress from and after one month succeeding the day on which notice of the act of the President or Congress is given to the chief executive or head of theilppst-office department of the country whose privilege is to be annu e . Otfenses against Sec. -1-013. Every foreign mail shall, while being transportml across £’a"°'8t: m"·'l "‘ the territory of the Unite States under the provisions of the preceding im section, be deemed and taken to be a mail of the United States, so far· Ibid-, ¤· 274, P- as to make any violation thereof, or depredation thereon, or offense in 317· respect thereto, or any part thereof, an offense of the same rude. and punishable in the same manner and to the same extent as drough the mail was a mail of the United States; and in any indictment for any such olfense, the mail, or any part thereof, mav be alleged to bc. and on the tria1 of any such indictment it shall be deemed and held to be, a mail or part of a mail of the United States. Payment of post- Sec. 401-1. The Postmaster-General or· the Secretary of State is hereby use y ¤¤¤¤¤l¤· authorized to empower the consuls of the United States to pay the for- Ibid_, ,,_ 2y5_ eign postage on such letters destined for the United States as may he detained at the ports of forei n countries for the non—pa mentof postagge, which postage shall be by 518 consul marked as paid, by lrim. and the