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Trrnm 1.:1.-—REGULATION OF STEAM~VESSELS.—Ch. 1. 855 In the districts of New York and New Orleans, to a salary of two thou- 3 MM-, 1873; ¤- sand two hundred dollars a year each. 25*% V- 17· P- BW _ In the districts of Philade phia, Baltimore, Buffalo, Saint Louis, Louisv1lle, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, M1lwaukee, Huron, and Galena, to a salary of two thousand dollars a year each. In the district of Michi n, to a salary of nine hundred dollars a year. In the districts of Mohd; Memphis, and Cleveland, to a salary of one thousand five hundred dollars a year each. In the districts of Willamette, New London, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Galveston, Albany, Wheeling, Nashville, Portland, and Evansville, to a salary of one thousand two hundred dollars a year each. ln the districts of Puget Sound, A alachicola, Oswego, Burlington, and Superior, to a salary of eight hundred dollars a year each. And in addition, the Secretary of the Treasury may appoint in such districts, where their services are actually required, assistant inspectors, at a salary, for the district of New York, of two thousand dollars a year each; an for all other districts, at a salary not exceeding one thousand six hundred dollars a year each; and he may appoint a clerk to any-such board at a compensation not exceedin one thousand two hundred dollars a year to each person so appointed Every inspector shall be paid for his actual and reasonable traveling expenses, at the rate of ten cents per mile, incurred in the performance of his duty; together with his actual and reasonable expenses for transportation of instruments, which shall be certified and sworn to under such instructions as shall be given by the Secretarv of the Treasury. Sec. 4415. Whenever any vacancy occurs in any local board of in- Quaiiiicgitivns spectors, or whenever local inspectors are to be appointed for a new g[‘[lO0:,PP°‘“*“€,$“° district, the su rvising inspectors shall notifv the collector or other chief officers ofpthe customs for the district, and the judge of the district 28 F<·>i>·, i87i, ¢· court for the district in which such appointment is to be made, who, 122* “‘ ui V' 16** together with the supervising inspector, shall meet together as a board 27 1W6b_, 1877, c_ of designators, and till the vacant or new inspectorship. Such board, 69, v. 19,p. 251. or the major part thereof, when designating) an inspector of hulls, shall select a person of good character an suita le qualifications and attainments to perform the services required of inspectors of hulls, and who, from his practical knowledge of ship-building and navigation and the uses of steam in navigation, is fully com(petent to make a reliable estimate of the strength, sea-worthiness, an other qualities of the hulls of steam-vessels and their equipment, deemed essential to safety of life in their navigation; and when designating an inspector of boilers, shall select a person of good character and suitable qualifications and attainments to erform the services re uired of inspectors of boilers, who, from his knowledge and experience of the duties of an engineer employed in navigating vessels by steam, and also of the construction and use of boilers, and machinery, and appurtenances therewith connected, is [liable] [able] to form a reliable opin1on of the strength, form, workmanship, and suitableness of boilers and machinery to be employed without hazard to life, from imperfection in the material, workmanship, or arrangement of any part of such apparatus for steaming. No appointment of an inspector of hulls [pr an inspector of boilers] shall be made without the concurrence of the superv1sing inspector. The [inspectors] [inspector] of hulls and the ggwpectors] [inspector] of boilers thus designated, when approved by the cretar(y of the Treasury, shall, from the ate of designation, constitute a boar of local inspectors. Sec. 4416. No person interested, e1ther directly or indirectly, in any Whqtperscnsqre patented article required to be used on any steamer by this Title, or who **0* ‘€]8’bl" '·“‘ ‘“‘ 1S a member of any association of owners, masters, engineers, or pilots ‘?_i}_°°,i_’f‘L.._- of steamboats, or who is directly or indirectly pecuniariéy interested in ibid-,8-33»P·45i· any steam·vessel, or who has not the quali cations an acquirements prescribed by this Title, or who is intemperate in his habits, shall be eligible to hold the office of either superwsing or local ins tor, or to discharge the duties thereof: and if any suc person shallwdttempt to s1--022——·59