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124: DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Fees otwitneues. Sec. 1072. Witnesses before the police court shall receive the same 17 June,1870, e. fees as are allowed for similar service and attendance in the supreme 133, B. 7,V. 10, p. 155. court [gn g 330_] I i . l Appeals- Sec. 1073. Any party deeming himself aggrieved by the judgment of Ibid., s. 8, p. 154. the police court may appeal to the supreme court. [Bee 5 m.] B¤¤<1 ¤¤ ¤PP°”·l· Sec. 1074. In all appeals the party applying for appeal shall enter

 into recognizance, with sutlzicient surety to be approved by the judge,

° for his appearance at the criminal term of the supreme court then in session, or at the next term thereof if the criminal term be not then in session, there to prosecute the appeal and to abide by the judgment of the supreme court. St¤y¤f1>¤¤=¤¤¢1- Sec. 1075. Upon uch recognizance being given, all further proceed-

 ings in police court shall be stayed.

P¤I>¤r¤i=¤1>¤¤¤¤¤ Sec. 1076. Such recognizance so approved, and the infomation oi-

  • ° ""P'°'“° °°“"‘· complaint, shall be immediately transmitted to the clerk of the supreme

Ibid. court. _ API>·>1l¤¤*¤_ **1*1- Sec. 1077. Upon the failure of any party appealing from the judg- "‘g "° '°°°g“"°· ment of the police court to the supreme court to euterinto recognizance Ibid.,•. 11. as provided for in section ten hundred and seventy-four he shall be committed to jail to await his trial upon his appeal, and the trial shall be had in the supreme court as though such recognizauce had been entered into. Agj>¤¤l¤.l1¤W ¤=¤¤*- Sec. 1078. In every case of appeal the court below shall send up the tm · information or complaint tiled in the cause, and a copy of the record of Ibid. all proceedings duly certified to the supreme court. DISPOBALS 01* COSTS, FINES, AND FORFEITUBES. Paymentofiines, Sec. 1079. All npcs, penalties, costs, and forfeitures imposed or taxed {.’°l_*;.°.:1°°·°°¤°°»°¤d by the police court shall be collected by the marshal, or by the major of i’j;_. police, as the case may be, on process ordered by the court, and by md,,,, 15,,.,155; them paid over to the District. iseeggsiuiei 21 Feb-. 1871. ¤- 62. e. 41, v. 16, p. 420. Dtqnniotmon- Sec. 1080. The moneys collected upon the judgments of the police •y¤ eo acted. court, or so much thereof as may be necessary, shall be applied to the Ibid. payment of the salaries of the judge and other officers of the court, as provided in section ten hundred and thrty-six, and to the payment of the necessary expenses thereof, and any surplus remaining after paying such salaries, compensation, and expenses shall be paid into the treasury of the District at the end of every quarter. CHAPTER THIRTY=FOUR. THE JAIL. see. su. 1081. Warden appointment and removal. 1092. Warden toexecutejudgmentofdeath 1082. Term oiloffice. 1093. Place of execution. 1083. Salary. 1094. Officers re uired to attend. 1084. Bond. 1095. Who maytlne present. 1085. Powers and duties. 1096. Who shall not be allowed to witnen 1086. Employment of prisoners at labor. executions. 1081. Commitment by marshal. 1097. District to reimburse United States 1088. Delivery to marshal. for part of cost of new jail. 1089. Appointment of subordinate olllcers. 1098. of the Interior to collect 1090. Supreme court to make rules. tax, w en. 1091. Wardeu's annual report. 1099. To assex tax, when. Wa•·den,eppoina Sec. 1081. The supreme court of the District has authority to appoint

 a suitable person to act as warden of the jail, and to remove such officer,

mf ]*:¤—T*¤;11;1E9. ¤- whenever, in the opinion of the court, the public interests may require 342X · ‘ · !’· his removal, and to till all vacancies which mayoccur.