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130 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. 17 July, 1862, sustained against them, shall have a deduction of one month in each {*2***- §é°2·°~ 2·"- year made from the term of their sentence, and shall be entitled to their ’P‘ ‘ discharge so much the sooner, upon the certificate of the warden of their good conduct, with the approval of the Attorney-General. Physician and Sec. 1132. The inspectors shall appoint one regularly practicing phy. °“*¤°°”· sieian, to be the physician and surgeon of the penitentiary, whose duty it 3 March, 1829,c. shall be to visit the penitentiary at such times as may be prescribed by 65,¤-13,v-4,r-368· the inspectors, and to render all medical and surgical aid which may be necessary. Infirmary. Sec. 1133. One apartment, or more, as may be needed, shall be ntted Ibid. up as an intirmary. _ Removal to in- Sec. 1134. In case of sickness of any convict, he shall, upon the i1¤¤¤¤’· eliamination and order of the physician, be removed to the intlrmary, and my the name of such convict shall be entered in a hospital-book to be kept for that purpose. R¤*¤¤¤· Sec. 1135. Whenever the physician shall report to the warden that my snfrchhconvrct rs rn Z proper stlatp to return to the ordinary employment o the prison sue report shall be duly entered in the hospital-book, and the convict shall return to the ordinary discipline of the penitentiary, so far as may be consistent with his health and strength. iD6mi¤¤¤¤* of Sec. 1136. Special rules for the order and government of the infirm- .mTL._. ary shall be made and enforced by the inspectors. d,S£°l?::?;¤f8v%f Sec. 1137. Nothing contained in this chapter shall beeoustrued to of mg mk prevent lacy such réegaxation of the general discipline of the penitentiary -—-;—-— as may e require or the sick. Ibid. Religious an d Sec. 1138. The inspectors have power, and it is their duty, to provide

      • 0**1 l¤¤*¤*¤¤<>¤· for all the conyrcts the means of religious worship, and religious and

Ibid., s,14,p,36s, nlfglulghlnsltruotaon, Sllbjectimléogetézr, teh general rules not inconsistent wr e rscrp me prescrr y 18 c apter. _t Admission ofvis- Sec. 1139. _No person shall be permitted to visit the penitentiary, l °’¤· yrrthout a written order from one or more of the inspectors, except the Ii,,d_,,,_15,,,_368_ resident of the United States, the Secretaries of the several Departments of the Government, members of Congress, and the judges of the PWM f m courts of the United States. cm ,.m_c_;,:,u $,0: Sec. 1I4Q. If any keeper, assistant keeper, or other officer, or servant, m,,,,,s_ employed rn_or about the penitentiary, shall convey out of, or bring

 mto, the penitentiary, to or from any convict confined there, any letter

·» ¤ · · or_wr1ting,or shall bring into the penitentiary, to sell or give awa an sprrrtuou orv o s l th h h y, y s in u rquors, or any o er t ing w at·oever without the consent, rn writing, previously obtained of the inspectors, every such person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by line not exceeding ilvo hundred dlollayglgnd imprisonment rn the Drstuct jail for any time not exceeding P¤'°*¢*<=*·i¤¤ ¤f SEO. 1141. The inspectors shall' · - ts a d _ _ _ prescribe, and rt shall be the duty of

 0t‘?0rs;‘:‘ the_warden rigidly to enforce such rules for the government of the sub-
 ordinate officers of the penitentiary as may prevent all tyrannical or

o · »P· · violent behavior to the convicts, or all conversation between them and the convicts, or with each other, within their- hearing, except for neces- $:1;% tpggposps, and may best preserve order, silence, sobriety, and grav- _ _ por ment throughout the establishment. mstuéxtzi aifeeging Sec. 1142. _Al1 suits_ that may be necessary to be brought for any {:,.0,,gb,_ *“`y * °" togutlplng relating tl;]0 ttho ttgairs of the penitentiary shall bo ..T__. _ enameo e ni Stte hth -h 1bu1.,s. 10,p. 367. which such suit is founded be made in thiirstging orunot. 6 contract on Prisizggrigvsigsn dg; Sec. 1143. The Attorney-Geiieral shall cause to be paid from the dwg0I aplproplpratipnis available therefor the sum of ten dollars to each prisoner

 w en _ e s a be legally discharged, to enable such prisoner to reach

gg_ SédYg’ v_ 12) Pp_ the point he may wish to go to. 5, .