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52 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. 14 Feb-. 1603 c. executed, acknowledged, and certided according to the provisions of 3% '· 1» "’· 1* P- 65* this chapter. isa 5 un.] AcxN0wLEDGm:Nr or Dumas. Before whom Sec. 441. Acknowledgments of deeds may be made before any of the

          • 1* my W ¤<>· following-named officers of the State, district, county, or Territory within

k“°"1°°g°d· the United States, in which the person making the deed may be, ug1,_L{°§f41;§28f mFi$·s§t., Before any judge of a court of record and of law. ld Sept., lem, c. Second. Before any chancellor of a State. ____ 52.**-9.P-458-, Third. Before any judge of the supreme, circuit, district, or territo- ,5§”_-]“$q,}*’~‘§,g· mi coms or me United states. B' Agni, f§§4_ of Fourth. Before any justice of the peace. s1é§.§v.1:]%pb44. gift!]. lgetiiore any notary public. f th _ it co rt of the district, 8-*-, · i °·t . e re an commissioner o e circn u EL." 16. ’ PP‘.._77’ 7S' appbzinted for) that purpose. [ses 11 s. u. s., 9 ms.1 Edmondson cu. Lovell, 1 Crunch, C. C., 103. Certificate of ac- Sec. 442. The officer taking an acknowledgment shall annex to the k**°Wl°‘l8*°°°*· deed a certificate under his hand and seal to the following effect: 31 May, 1832, c. -—-- County, or city &c.,] to wit: _ _ 112. ¤· 1.v- 4. v- 521- I A B, a justice of the peace, [or other prescribed officer, giving his ¤°**v¤**1¤38•=m’]· or or z [ ·t ‘u ¤o·u·t]ar ·o , ; ,,"1G man or ecouny,orc1y,orpans o is xc, oresai "7’ °‘ 1’v"" P' Mi in the State [or Territory, or district, of [_——: do hereby certify that (J D, a party [or C D and E F, &c., parties] to a certain deed, bearing date on the —- day of -—-, and hereto annexed, personally appeared before me in the county [or city, &c.] aforesaid, the said C D, [or C D and E F, &c.,] being personally well known to me, as [or proved by the oaths of credible witnesses before me to be] the person [or persons] who executed the said deed, and acknowledged the same to be his [her, or their] act and deed. Given under my hand and seal th]; T day} of —-. A. . sun,. To oillcinl chnr- Sec. 443. When acknowledgments are made beyond the limits of the m;*;;g°‘M,]’:;!:]' District within the United State , the certificate of the saing sha]]] be _accompanied by a certificate of the register, clerk, or other pn lic 0 cer

 having eognizauce of the fact, under his odicial seal, that, at the date

md- ofn the lacknowledgément, the officer taking the same was, in fact, the o cer e purporte to bc. A¤know]cd_g~ Sec. 444. Deeds made in a foreign country may be executed and

  • f*°***: *** “ °*'°'G” acknowledged before any judge or chancellor of any court, master, or

"°"" ry' master extraordinary in chancery, or notary public, or before any secretary of legation or consular officer of the United States. [su L s u. s, 9 rm.] 31 May, 1832, o. 112,s. 1,v. 4, p. 521. 18 Aug., 1856, o. 127, •. 24, v. 11, p. 61. 0¤l<=i¤·1¢h=•r¤ct¤r SEO. 445. When acknowledgments are made before an officer in a °‘ *°°’°*¤“ °m°°'· foreign country other than a secretary of legation or consular officer of md, the United States, the odicial character of the person taking the acknowleldggmepltshall be certified in the manner prescribed in section four hunre an orty-two. Wbgbgz Sec. 446. All deeds, except deeds of trust and mortgages, which are {cf,] ‘ acknowledged or proved, and certified, according to law, and delivered .?.._ to the recorder of deeds for record within six months alter the sealing 5722`éP;*lé 1g3Sé;- itlndtdelivetry thereolf, shailédtake eifect and be valid as to all persons from ’ ’ ° * ‘ ‘ o .1me o suc ac now gment or prooil h“Vg*“&•;‘*d:ul?f SEO. 447. All deeds of trust and mortgages, whenever delivered to the ém,c,]_ * ° recorder of deeds for record, and all other conveyances, covenants, 1_.___ agreements, and deeds, which shall not be acknowledged, proved, or cer- Ibid. tined, and delivered to the recorder for record within six months after the sealing and delivery thereof, shall take eifect and be valid, as to all subscquentpurchasers for valuable consideration, without notice, and as to all creditors, from the time when such deed of trust or mortgage, or other conveyance, covenant, agreement, or deed, shall have been so acknowl-