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80 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. stock of the company, at any time not exceeding fifteen years from the date of such bond, under such regulations a the company may adopt; and the company may sell their bonds whenever they may deem proper, and such sales shall be as valid as if such bonds should be sold at par value. But such corporation shall not have power to issue any bonds or to execute any mortgages upon its property or franchises until at least one-half of the capital stock shall have been fully paid. Annual report. Sec. 665. Every such corporation shall make an annual report to the

 clerk of the supreme court of the District of the operations of the year

eo, n, 29,,v, ie, `pp, ending on the first day of January, which report shall be verified by the 114, 115. oath of the treasurer and acting superintendent of operations, and flled in his office by the tenth day of January of each year, and shall state- First. The capital stock and the amount actually paid in. Second. The amount expended for the purchase of lands, for the construction of the road, for buildings, and for engines and cars respectively. Third. The amount and nature of its indebtedness, and the amounts due the corporation. Fourth. The amount received for the transportation of passengers, of property, of mails, and from other sources. Fifth. The amount of freight, specifying the quantity, in tons, of the products of the forest, of animals, of vegetables, toed, other agricultural products, manufactures, merchandise, and other articles. Sixth. The amount paid for repairs, engines, cars, buildings, and salaries. Seventh. The number and amount of dividends, and when paid. Eighth. The number of engine-houses and shops, of engines and cars, and their character. Carrying the Sec. 666. Any such corporation shall, when applied to by the Post- ’“°*1°· master-General, convey the mails of the United States on their road; p,;,;,, ,_3g_ and in case such corporation shall not agree to the rates of transportation thereot and as to time, rate of speed, manner, and condition of carrying the same, the said supreme court may appoint three commissioners, who shall fi; and determine the same. Making up Sec. 667. In forming a passenger train, baggage, or freight, or mer- "°l”¤· chandise, or lumber cars shall not be placed in rear of passenger cars; ibid_, ,,_ g4_ and if any of them hall be so placed, and any accident shall happen to life or limb, the officer or agent who so directed or knowingly suffered such arrangement, and the conductor or engineer of the train, shall each and all be held guilty of intentionally causing the injury, and be punished accordingly. Accommodation Sec. 668. Every such corporation shall start and run their cars for ef uw P¤bli<=- the transportation of persons or property at regular times, to be fixed p,;,;_,,_3o_ by public notice, and shall furnish sufficient accommodation for the transportation of all such passengers and property as shall within a reasonable time previous thereto offer, or be offered, for transportation at the place of starting, and the junction of other railroads, and at siding and stopping places established for receiving and discharging way passengers and freight, and shall take, transport, and discharge such passengers and property at, from, and to such places, on the due pay- ment of tolls, freight, or fare therefor. P¤¤¤lt·y f or rv- _ Sec. 660. In case of the refusal by such corporation or their agents to °""'· take and transport any passenger or property, as provided in the prema., g,33_ ceding section, or to deliver the same at the regularly appointed place, such corporation shall pay to the party aggrieved all damages which shall be sustained thereby, with costs of suit. ,uP°:g°¤€°*fY°f¤¤· Sec. 670. If any passenger shall refuse to pay his fare or toll, the con-

 ductor of the train may put him out of the ears at any usual stopping-

Ibid., s. 31. place. Emplcyés to Sec. 671. Every conductor, baggage-master, engineer, brakeman, or "'°'“' b"dK°· other employe of any such railroad corporation, employed on n passen- Ibid., s. 28. ger-train, or at stations for passengers, shall wear upon his hat or cap a