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LANDLORD AND TENANT. 8] badge which shall indicate his office, and the initial letters of the style of the corporation by which he is employed. Sec. No collector or conductor without such badge shall demand, Net to exercise or be entitled to receive, from any passenger any fare, toll, or ticket, or ¤¤*h°*l*Y Wm¤<>¤* exercise any of the powers of his office; and no other of said ottlcers or b“°'?°· employes without such badge shall have any authority to meddle or 5Msy,1870,e.80, interfere with anypassenger or property. ¤.2B. v. 16, p. 114. 820.673. No railroad shall built under the provisions of this chap- Route and termiter until the route and termini of such road shall have been approved ¤i°f mad '¤°b°¤P· and sanctioned by Congress. gifs6d by c°¤· F Ibid., s. 36. Sec. 64. Congress may make all needful rules and regulations for R¢z¤]¤¤i¤¤ by the operation and management of such railroads, and may regulate the °°"6'°*f °{, mt'; rates of fare and freight upon all such roads. ggmugtregbf Ibid. pp. 115,1lK- Sxzc. 675. Nothing contained in this chapter shall be so construed as Cchetmetien of to authorize any corporation organized under the same to construct or <=h¤PW- own any railroad outside of the District of Columbia, nor to limit the p,m_,,,,,_;;4;,3g_ right of the District authorities to regulate the running of 'trains, or to establish the grade upon which such roads shall be built within the cities of Washington and Georgetown. ‘ " ‘SEc. 676. Congress may, at any time, alter, amend, or repeal this Repeal by Conchapter, saving and preserving all rights which may become vested s¤¢¤¤- under the same, and may amend or repeal any incorporation formed or I|;{d_'g_31_ created under this chapter; but any such amendment or repeal shall not, nor shall the dissolution of any company formed under this chapter, take away or impair any remedy given against any such corporation, its stockholders, or officers, for any liability which shall have been previously incurred. CHAPTER NINETEEN. LAHDLOBD AND TENANT. see. see. 677. Power of personal seizure abolished. 685. Service of summons. 678. Landlord to have tacit lien. 686. Trial and {judgment. _ 679. How tacit lien may be enforced. 687. When de endant pleads title; pro- 680. Tenancy at will and by sutferance. ceedings. _ 681. How determined. 688. Appeals, and how tnod. _ _ 682. Provisions not applicable to prior 689. Appeal by defendant; additional contracts. bond. _ 683. Attorument. 690. If jury tlnd for complainant, dam- 684. In case of forcible entry or dctainer; ages. _ _ complaint and summons. 691. Fees of justice and officer. Sec. 677. The power claimed and exercised as of common right by Powerof personevery landlord, of seizing, by his own authority, the personal chattels ;1h;l¤¤¤¤r¤ ¤b¤1· of his tenant for rent arrear, is abolished. ...;_.. 22‘F¤l>-. 1667. ¤- 64. e. 12, v. 14, p. 404. Sec. 678. The landlord hall have a tacit lien upon such of the tenaut’s Iiandlordto have personal chattels, on the premises, as are subject to execution for debt, to commence with the tenancy and continue for three months after * · the rent is due, and until the termination of any action for such rent 13V`?¤l;pi{.s£_erp, brought within the said three months. br it“4,;,y’°‘fg Wall., 328; White va. Frscdman’s Bank, Wash. Law Rep., No. 4% p. 317. Sec. 679. This lien may be enforced: _ HW tem lieu First. By attachment, to be issued upon affidavit that tho rent is due and unpaid; or, if not due, that the defendant is about to remove or 22Feb.,1861,e.6·i, sell all or some part of said chattels; or, _ _ ¤·1?»v-14»i>·404- Second. By judgment against the tenant and execution, to be levied R s 11--6