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90 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. sw. see. B39. Witnesses for defendant in criminal 845. Whew: execlution of sentence may be t 'als. os one . 840. Splelcial oath to grand jury. 846. Vlpritslbf error and appeals. 841. Special charge to grand jury. 847. Amount required for removal. 842. Libels; truth may be given in evi- 848. Rflmovals for less amount in particud . r cases. 843. Futglitbges from justice. , 849. Eifect of writ in such cases. 844. Remission of forfeitures by the Presi- I 850. No supcrsedeas, except, &.c. dent. l SUPREME O0URT—·ORG·ANIZATl0N. Supreme wurt- Sec. 750. There shall be a supreme court of the District, which shall

 consist of a chief justice and four associate justices, who shall severally

,,,3slf“";°;’é1 be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of éfjlml., 1,81lj, of the Senate, and shall hold their offices during good behavior. {mtu.; 141; B- 2. V- 16. P- 161. Noerr ct al., udrnini trators,11 Brewer, Wash. Law Rep., No. 46, p. 310. t. 8******* °*` .l“¤· Sec. 751. The chief justice shall receive an annual salary of four thou.

 sand five hundred dollars, and the associate justices an annual salary

,0;, ,2 VQ 14 ,,_’55j of four thousand dollars each, payable quarterly at the Treasury of the a’ Maier, nasa, t. United States. 9l,s. 15,v. 12, p. 764. Owl- Sm:. 752. Each justice, before he enters upon the duties of his office, Ibid., s. 1,p. 16:1. shall take the oath prescribed to be taken by judges of the courts of the United States. [su n. s. u. s, t 112.] TERMS. _Gi6;*°*¤l¤¤d ¤P°· Sec. 753. The several general terms and special terms of the circuit °jE;.. courts, district courts, and criminal courts authorized by law, are de- 21 June,1B70. c. clared to be, severally, terms of the supreme court of the District of R,} °· r "· 1*’» P- Columbia; and the judgments, decrees, sentences, orders. proceedings, ‘ and tgcts of thegzelueral tterm hspecial tprms, girguit courgs, distript cour an cumin cour s ren eret , ma e or a are an s a e deemed judgments, decrees, sentences, orders, proceedings, and acts of the supreme court; but nothing contained in this section shall aifect the _ _ right of appeal as provided by law. t ;l¤¤*¤¤°¤ h°m¤¤H. Sec. 754. Any three of the justices of the supreme court may hold a EL? general term,_ and any one of them may hold a special term. 3 March, 1863, c. 91,s.1,v. 12, p. 763. When terms may SEO. 755. The supreme court shall have power, by rule of court, to · regulate the periods of holding its terms, as also the periods of the 37"V lub-; {§g7· °· special terms, at which issues of fact triable by a jury or by the court

3 1],,,,1,},,, 1,.,,;;,, ,,_ are to be tried, and to tix the number of such terms, and to alter the

pa,; B, 3, v. 12, P. same from time to time as-public convenience may require. blumber enema Sec. 756. At least three tems of the supreme court hall be held required to be held , ll annually. mmua y` 7 Feb., 1857, e. 37, v.11, p. 158. .u£;’:;¤t‘;°m{‘, Bj Sec. 757. The special term : shall be held by one of the justices of the j,,,,, ,,,,.,,,_ P supreme court at such time as the court in general term shall appoint.

 MGF9g;  91,1%   v. 12, ]6763.b ZC6am2g, C. C., 337; United States va, Williams, 4 Crunch, C. C.,

im va.iuru, ranc,.., . d_S'l>9°1¤l Wim M Sec. 758. The special term held as the United States district court

 for the District of Columbia shall be holden on the first Mondays in

9311 £d¤y,¥182Q,7g. December and June in every year. ,8. ,V.·,p.·> . $P9°**{l **;*1 M Sec. 759. The special term held as the criminal court shall be holden

 on the first Monday in March, the third Monday in _June, and the hist

1 Mmm, 1845, 0, Monday in December, in each year. [see R. s. v.s..§ BII.] 35, s. 2, v. 5, p. 729. Ex parla Bradley, 7 Wall., 364.