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IN THE STATE OF MAINE. 121 From Caribou, by Lindon, to New Sweden. From Charlotte, by Middybemps, and Cooper, to Alexander. From Cherryfield, by Beddington, to Delloys. From Columbia Falls to Columbia. - From Cooper’s Mills, by West Washington, Washington, and North Union, to Union. ~ From Robert Daggett’s, by Danforth Mills, to South Weston. From Damariscotta, to Jeiferson, East J eiierson, and West J eiferson. From Danforth to Forest City. From Deunysville, by Pembroke, and Robbinston, to Red Beach. From Dexter, by Ripley, to Cambridge. From Dexter, by Dover, South Mills, and West Dover, to Dover. F Frou? Dexter, by West Dover, Dover South Mills, and Dover, to oxcro t. F From)Dixiield, by Peru, Canton Mills, and Livermore, to Strickland erry epot. From Dixmont, by North Dixmont, and Plymouth, to East Newport. MF1§md Dovgr, by (East Dover, South Sebec, Milo, Kilmarnock, and ax e , to ow an . From East Baldwin, by North Baldwin, Sebago, and South Bridgeton, to Bridgeton. From East Blue Hill to Surry. From East Bradford to South La Grange. From East Corinth, by Charleston, Atkinson, North Atkinson,Sebec, and Williamsburgh, to Brownsville. From East Corinth to Garland. From East Dixlield, by South Carthage, to Dixfield. From East Eddiugton, by Amherst, Aurora, Wesley, and Crawford, to Baileyville. _ _ _ _ _ From East Eddington, by Clifton, and Otis, to Mariaville. From East Holden, by Dedham, South Dedham,‘and Ellsworth, to a point two miles south of Dedham. From East Machias, by North Cutler, to Cutler. From the east line of the State, by Fort Fairfield, Manchester, and Presque Isle, to Aroostook. From East Machias, by Plantation Number Fourteen, to Cooper. From East Machias, by Whiting, and West Lubec, to Lubec. From East Newport, by Stetson, to Exeter. From Ellsworth, by Hancock, West Sullivan, Sullivan, East Sullivan, West Goldsboro’, Goldsboro’, and Steuben, to_Narraguagus. _ From Ellsworth, by North Hancock, Franklin, Narraguagus,Harrington, Columbia, J onesboro’, and Whitneyville, to Machias. From Ellsworth, by Orland, Bucksport, Prospect Ferry, Prospect, South Prospect, and Searsport, to Belfast. From Ellsworth, by Surry, Blue Hill, Penobscot, and North Castine to Castine. - From Ellsworth to Waltham. From Ellsworth, by West Trenton, Eden, and Mount Desert, to South West Harbor. _ Igom Ellsworth, by Tilden, North Mariaville, Amherst, and Aurora, to reat Bond. From Emery’s Mills, by Sharpleigh, to West N ewfield. From Etna Centre to South Etna. _ _ AlFbr‘om Exeter, by West Garland, South Sangeville, and Guilford to t. From Exeter Corner, by South Exeter, and Stetson, to Etna. From Fort Fairfield to Limestone. From Flag-staif to Eustis Mills. From Farmington, by East Strong, New Vineyard, and New Portland, to Kin gsiield. From the Forks to Moose River. _ From Fort Fairfield, by Eaton Grant, to Caribou.