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12 POST-ROADS. From Somerville to Valhermoso Springs. From Sparta, to Milton, in Florida. From Springville to Aurora. From Springville to Blountsville. _ From Springville, by Taylor’s, to Village Springs. From Springville to Violy. _ _ From the State Line Station, on the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, to Bladen Springs. From Stephenson, by Allison Collin’s, to Larkin’s Fork._ From Stephenson, by Valley Head, to Alpine, in Georgia. _ From Snggsville, by Grove Hill, Choctaw Corner, Clay Hill, Shiloh, and Spencerville, to Linden. _ From Talladega, by Chinnibee, Bowdon, and Court Hill, to Weedowce. From Talladega, by Conchardee, and Kingsville, to Cropwell. From Talladega, by F1orence’s Ferry, and Coosa Valley, to Cropwell. From Talladega, by Maria Forge, Coleta, Hatcher’s, Hillabee, and Brownsville, to Socopatoy. From Talladega, by Maria Forge, Chandler’s Springs, Coleta, Goldville, Hatcher’s, Hillabee, Tehopeka, Bluif Springs, Dadeville, and De Soto, to Loaohapoka Depot. From Thatcher’s Creek to Blount Springs. From Thomas Station to Midway. From Thornhill, to Moscow, by Greene Haley’s. From Tomlins to Vernon. From Trenton, by Princeton, and Larkin’s Fork, to Salem. From Troy, by Fryer’s Bridge, Farriorville, and Edgeileld, to Chanenuggee. 6 From Troy, by Gainer’s Store, Coffee Corner, and Greenland, to Analusia. From Troy, by Milo, Buzbeeville, Indigo Head, Elba, and Old Town, to Geneva. From Troy, by Monticello, and Louisville, to Clayton. From Troy, by Orion, to Pine Level. From Troy to Ozark. From Troy, by Pea River, Buck Horn and Louisville, to Cla ton. 1gromwTroy, by White Water, Rocky H’ead, Haw Ridge and Wyestville, to ew n. Dlgroinl Troy, by White Water, Scroggin’s Mills, and Haw Ridge, to a evi e. From Tuscaloosa, by Carthage, Havana, and Harrison, to Greensboro’. From Tuscaloosa, by Foster’s Store, Umon, and Clinton, to Gainesville. From Tuscaloosa, by Foster’s, Buck Creek, Knoxville, Springileld, and Eutaw, to Clinton. From Tuscaloosa to Hardy Clement’s Mills. From Tuscaloosa, by Jones’ Hill, Blocker’s, and Caudle’s Shop, to Centreville. From Tuscaloosa, by Northport,. and Moore’s Bridge, to Newtonville. From Tuscaloosa by Northport, Sipsey Turnpike, Gordo, Reform, Antioch, and Carlyle, to Columbus, in Mississippi. $m 'llluusgztalloosa, by) Orggouia, and York, to Jasper. m oosa, y mul Jen Pleasant Grov B ne Co1gh(rau;;Mi1hs, andbHo1plel, to Vieiina. a, 6, e mb, m usca oosa, y 'on, McMath’ and Jonesboro' to El ton. From déuscaloasa, by Six Mile;) to I:(h(es,Ceptreviille Depdt. y rom _ nscum_1a, y uzzar s s ri e Deer, in Mississi , Cartersville, Jacinto Rienzi, and Tripoli; to Ripley. ppl From Tuscumbiu, by the Court·House, to Detroit. From Tuscumbia, by Fike’s Store, to Frankfort. Fmrgm Tuscumbia, by Ntewporthto rghickasaw. _ in uscum ia, y usse vi ll Gate Detroit u’ , gissippn, Athens, Aberdeen, and Bosirton, to Ccilumbus. ’ Sp] ng, m Mw