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20 POST-ROADS. From Pine Blnlf to Hot Springs. _ From Pine Bluif, by Lehi, Mount Elba, and Eagle brook, to Warren. From Pine Blnif, by Monticello, and Hamburg, to Bastrop, in Louisiana. From Pine Bluff, by Mahoney’s Ferry, James Hudson’s, William H. Wilson’s, J ohn B. House’s, Brnshy Woods, Storer’s, and John R. Lightioot’s, to Camden. _ From Pine Bluif, by Princeton, and Dallasport, to Washington. From Pine Bluff, by White Oak Blu&‘, to Chambersville. From Pine Bluff to Sheridan. _ From Pine Bluil, by White Sulphur Springs, White Oak, and Lee’s Ferry, to Princeton. _ From Pittsburg, by Clarksville, Horse Head, Ozark, Pleasant Hill, and Van Buren, to Fort Smith. From Pittsburg to J acksonport. From Pittsburg, by Roseville, Sub Rosa, Point Prairie, Charleston, and Bloomer, to Fort Smith. From Pocahontas, by Cherokee Bay, to Poplar Bluf, in Missouri. From Pocahontas, by James D. Cross’, to Doniphan in Missouri. From Pocahontas, by Spring Oreck, J obe, in Missouri, and Webster, to Thomasville. From Port Gibson, by Creek Agency, North Fork, Perryville, and Fort Washita, to Fort Arbuckle, in the Indian Territory. From Powhatan, by James Childress’ to Gainesville. From Powhatan, by Cuba, A. Oakes, Major B. Kettetls, and Myatt, to Pilot Hill. From Powbatan, by Hazel Grove, to Batesville. From Princeton to Arkadelphia. From Princeton, by Fairview, to Cachemasso. From Revilee to Charlestown. From Ricl1wood’s to DuvalI’s Bluftl From Richwood’s by Turkey Creek and Middleton, to Clinton. From Robinson’s Cross Roads, by Enoch Trott’s, and Shell’s Mill. to Neosho, in Missouri. ’ f Frgm (Rockport, by De Roche, Point Cedar, and County Line, to Murrees or . From Rockport, by A. H. Elenson’s, to Monterey. From Rockport to Lost Creek. G Frgm Rockport, by Tulip, Princeton, Chappell, Freco, and Lada, to am en. From Rocky Comfort, by Simpson’s Ferry, and N ettee Box, to Cove. From Rocky Comfort, by Wheelock, Doaksville, Goodland, Armstrong, and Academy, to Boggy Depot. From Rome to Beach Creek. From Rondo, to Mooningstort, in Louisiana. From Russellville to Dover. From Sylamore to Locust Grove. From Saint Charles, by De Witt, to Brownsville. From Saint Francis by. Eureka, Mill Ridge, Johnston, Mount Pinson, Elizabeth, J acksonport, Oil Trough, and Sulphur Rock, to Batesville. From Saint rrancis, by Green Plains, Marion, and Mound City to. Memphis, in Tennessee. ’ From Saint Francis, by Taylor’s Creek, and Oakland, to Clarendon. From Saint Francis, by Wittsburg, Walnut Camp, Farm Hill, Bolivar, Goldsboro’, Newpork and Greensboro’, to Gainesville. From Searcy, by ugusta, and Wittsburg, to Memphis, in Tennessee. CIF13m Searcy, y Cedar Creek, Quitman, and Grcary Valley, to From Searcy to Clarksville. From Searcy, to intersect the route from Des Arc· to Fort Smith at Cadron Creek. ’ From Searcy to Kinderhook.