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lN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. 219 From Monroe Court·Honse, by Morgan’s Mills, to Salisbury. From Monroe Court-`Honse, by Winchester, to Wolfsville. From Morganton, by Bridgewater, Marion, Old Fort, and Swannano, to rom organton, by Bundleton, Mountain Hom Miuersville and Cuba, to Rutherlordtou. ’ From Morganton, by Linville River, North Cove, Grassy Creek, Bakersville, Ledger, Bald Creek, Ivy, Democrat, Stookville, and Roem’s Creek, to Ashville. From Morganton, by Perkinsville, Collotsville, Globe, Valley Orncis, Sugar Grove, Boone, Moretz Mill, and Elk Cross-Roads, to Jefferson. From Mosely Hall, by Hookerton, to Greenville. From Mosely Hall, by Jericho, to Strabane. From Mu11’s Store to Happy Home. C_F5am Mount Airy, by Hay Stack, Soull Camp, and J udesville, to Gap iv From Mouth of Wilson, in Virginia, by Potato Creek, Gap Civil, and Elk Spur, to Trap Hill. " From Murfreesboro' to Boylston Depot. From Murfreesboro’, by Potecasi, Saint John, Roxobel, and Brittou’s Cross-Roads, to Scotland Neck. L From Murphy, to Ellijay, by Nottla, Hot House, Edom, and Santa uca . From Nahunta to Bull Head. From Nahunta, by Lowell, Beulah, Saint Charles, and Creachville, to Eagle Bock. From Nashville to`Peaoh—Tree Grove. From Newborn to Adam’s Creek. From Newbem to Bay River. From Newborn, by Cravensville, and Smyrna, to Beaufort. From Newborn, by Goose Creek Mills, to Chorryville. From N ewbern, by Kinston, and Mosely Hall, to Goldsboro’. From Newport to Pettiford’s Creek. From Newport, by Sanders’ Store, and Pettiford, to Peletier’s Mills. From Newton, by the Sulphur Springs, to Lenoir. From Niyoheh, through the valleys of Cheve, and Teeote, or Hanging Dog, to Murphy. From Oak Ridge to King’s Store. From Ocracoke, by Hallaway, Casse, and Ken nykeet, to Chioamacomico. From Onslow Court-House, by Piney Green, to Swansborough. From Oxford, by Tally Ho, Dutchville, Knap of Reeds, Stagville, South Lowell Mills, and Eno Mills, to Hillsboro’. From Oxford, by Waterloo, Gregory’s Mills, Sassafras Fork, Brownsville, and Young’s Cross-Roads, to Clarkesville. From Pittsborough, by Beaumont, Goldston, Brush Creek, Buffalo Ford, Momt’s Mills, Brower’s Mills, and Gold Region, to Caledonia. From Pittsborough, by Pedlar’s Hill, Gulf, Evan’s Mills, Wats0n’s Bridge, Centerville, and Flower Hill, to Carthage. From Plymouth, by Bobinsville, to Tarboro’. _ HFrom Plymouth, by Union, and Scuppernong, to Columbia Courtouse. From Plymouth, by Washington, and Swift Creek Bridge, to Newborn. From Pollocksville to Hadnots. From Pollooksville, by Palo Alto, to Swansborok From Powoll’s Point, by Roanoke Island, to Nagg’s Head. From Powell’s Point to Shallow Bag Bay, on Roanoke Island. From Prosperity, by Pharr’s Mills, to Carthage. From Pungo Creek to North Creek. _ From Quallatown, by Governors Island, Stikoih, Marka, and Fort Montgomery, to Valleytown. __ From Quallatown, by Jonathmrs Creek, to Waynesville.