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236 POST-ROADS. From Newville, by Hastings, and Barnes’, to Mansileld. From Nonpareil to Coshocton. _, _ . From North Fairfield, by Bipleyville, to Greenwich Station. _ From North Georgetown, by Beloit, and North Benton, to Deerlleld. From North Liberty to Bentonville. _ . From Norwalk, by Peru, North Fairiield, and Steuben, to New H . Frblni Oak Hill, by Centreville, Ridgeway, Harrisburg, Porter, Pine Grove, Anselm, Kygerville, and Middleport, to Pomeroy. _ From Oak vlélilll, byu Rocky Hill, Key Stone Furnace, Vmton, and Ed‘n n toesvi e. Frogmodak Hill, by Wales, Patriot, Sand Fork, and Greasy Ridge, to Marion. From Oberlin to La Grange. From Omer to Bellevue. From Oneida Mills to Leesville. From Orange to Youngstown. _ _ From Osnaburg, by Mapleton, and Robertsvnle, to Paris. From Ottawa, to Charloe, by Sheridan, Dupont and Oakwood, hill`;-lem Ottokee, by Wmameg, Lyons, and Oakneld, to Adrian, in c 1 n. Froal Oxford, by Mixersville, in Indiana, Springiield, and Whitcomb, to Brookville. - From Painesville, by Hillhonse Thompson, South Thompson, Montville, and Huntsburg, to Middleiield. From Painesville, by North Bloomfield, to West Greenville, in Pennsylvania. From Paulding to Charloe. From Paulding to Emerald Station. From Paulding, by Paine's, to McGill’s. From Perrysburg, by Lovett’s Grove, and Bowling Green, to Portage. From Perrysburg, by Miltonville, and Weston, to Gilead. From Perrysburg by Stony Ridge, to Woodville. FhromdPerryvi1le,by Palmer’s Cross-Roads, and Biper’s Settlement, to As n . t°F1‘OI;l° lgajisrslmrg, by New Springlleld, North Lima, and East Lewiswn um iana. _ From Piketon,_by Gibson, to Flat. From Pioneer, by Amboy, and Ramson, to Hillsdale, in Michigan. From Pioneer, by Deer Lick, Durbin’s Corners, to Bryan. From Piqua, by Lookington Houston, Wynant, Loramie’s, Minster, New Bremen, Saint Mary’s, Hossuth, Deep Cut, Arcadia, Delphos, Doylestown, Dog Creek Murat, and Charloe, to Junction. From Pittsburg, by Courtneyville, Sewicklyville, Sewickly Bottom, Economy, Baden, Freedom, Beaver, Rochester, New Brighton, Darlinggm, Enomigallgy, Fast 13lBsti1XahNew Wlaterford, Columbiana, Salem, amasco as ese, iance, onnt Un' n M lbom’ Maxinc, South allome, Louisville, Canton, Massillon:0 Nortihr Lawrence, Baughman, Orrville, Wooster, Mill Brook, Big Prairie, Plympton, Shireye, gndonmggemymq Lucas, and Manslleld, to Crestline. easan 1 From Poland by East Lewistown, to Columbiana. From Poland, by Youngstown, Girard, Niles, Warren, Champion, S(oig;ham1g1t%r;_ Igsarrnfngttgriz Parktman, Burton, Claridon, Chardon, Cour in V1 e a . From Polk, by tllfmn; Were): Salem, Lodi, and Lafayette, to Medinarom omeroy ens. wF:to1%_P;im£•·oy, by Chester, Coalville, and Belpre, to Pm-kersburgb, in 1r n From Portsmouth to Locust Grove. From Portsmouth, by Rockville, Vanceburg, Stout2s, Mahala, Con cord, Ebersole’s Warehouse, Manchester, and Maysville, to Cincinnati.