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IN THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. 269 From Ulysses, by Harrison Valley, to Westfield. mm Union Stationbto Chcugrch Station. m niontown, y M lellandtown Masontown Carmi ’ Bice’s Landing, and Jefferson, to Waynesliurg. , 0mm1s, 0“Fr<;mhaMla:ontown, by Greensboro’, Mapleton, and Willow Tree, to rm c — From Uniontown, by New Sal , Merrittstown, Brownsville, Fredericktown, Millsboro’, Clarksville, and Jelierson, to Waynesburg. From Uniontown, by Kennett’s Square, Hamorton,Fairville, and Centreville, in Delaware, to Wilmington. From Unionville to Marlborough. From Upper Lehigh to Eckley. From Upper Providence to Media. From Upsonville to Great Bend. From Vancetbrt to Hayesville. From Vermillyer’s, by Long Bun, and Sabinsville, to Westiield. From Village Green, by Chelsea, to Booth’s Corners. From Vineyard Mills to Mount Union. From Wariordsburg, by Emmaville, to Bay’s Hill. t°1;1io0n)1dW]s£.1fordsburg, by Mount Airy, Emmaville, and Cherry Grove, un. WFrom Vhmpnm, by North Sewickly, Wirtemburg, and Cbenango, to ampum. From Warren, by Frewsburg, Jamestown, and.Delati, to Dunkirk, in NFroY"W b G C d O m arren y erman o o noville Ten-Mile S rin , and Buck rosa., to time Valley?', ry u’ ’ P g From ,Warren, by Irvine, Youngsville, Pittsfield, Garland, Spring Creek, West Spring Creek, Spartansburg, Cook, Wayne, Le Bama and Union Mills, to Waterford. GFrom Warren, by Jackson Bun, and Chandler’s Valley, to Sugar rove. From Warren, by Kinzua, Corydon, Onoville, Ten-Mile Spring, in New York, Buck Tooth, and Kilbuck, to Olean. From Warren, by Mead,_SheHield, and New Highland, to Ridgway. mFrom Warren, by Bussellburg, and Carroll, iu_New York, to Jameswn. From Warren Centre to Le Raysville. From ,Washimgton, by Bulfalo, West Middleton, Independence, Fowler’s, in West irginia, Wellsburg, in West Virginia, Phillipsbnrg, iu Ohio, New Alexandria, Smithileld, and Cold Spring, to Cadiz. From Washington, by Chartiers, Cross Creek, Eldersville, and Cherry Hill, to Steubenville, in Ohio. From Washington, by Locust Hill, Hickory, Cherry Valley, Bnrgettstown, Florence Frankfort Springs, Kendall, Hookstown, and Georgetown, to Smithis Ferry. From Washington to Bioels Landing. From Warrenham, by South Owcgo. in New York, to Owego. From Washington to Taylorstown. · _ _ From Washin§>n, by Van Buren, Prosperity, Sparta, L1ndley’s Mills, Amity, and Ten ile, to Waynesbnrg. From Water Cure to Rochester. From Waterford, by Bellona, to Wattsburg. From Waterford, by Le Bmuf, Union Mills, Wayne, Columbus, Lotteville, Su ar Grove, and Bustle, to Jamestown, in New York. From Waterloo, by Nossville, to Shade Gap. From Waterloo to Shade Valley. From Water Street, by Alexandria, to Petersburg. From Waterville to English Centre. — From Waterville, by Garrettsville, and Little Pine Creek, to Texas. From Wattsburg, by Wayne, Columbus, and Laporte, to Pittsfield. From Waverly, by Wallsville, Fleetville, and Millnardsville, to Lenox.