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IN T Ni STATE OF TENNESSEE. 285 From Mossy Creek b Leadvale and Parrotsville to·War ' ln North Cuelina. , y ° m Spmm From Mossy Creek to Rutledge. From Mount Horeb to Hay’s Ferry. From Mount Horeb to Mossy Creek. wiérginugcéunt Pleasant, by Hampshire, Isom’s Store, and Duck River, From Mount Pleasant, by Laughing Water, to Ashland. ` From_Mou¤t Pleasant, by Newburg, to Palestine. From Mount Pleasant, to Waynesboro?, by Napier, Catrou’s Iron Works, Buckner, and Dixon’s Store. From Mount Vernon, by Lee’s Store, J alappa, and .Kimbrongh’s, to Springtown. t0F1;romkFQurh·eesboro’,byAnthony’s Store, and Hardeman’s Cross-Roads, ran in. From Murfreesboro, by Henderson'::, Taliaferrds Store, Beech Grove, Stone Fort, Hillsboro, Pleasant Plains, and Caldwell’s Bridge, to Jasper. From Murfreesboro’, by Las Casas, Milton, and Auburn, to Liberty. From Murfreesboro’, by Lebanon, to Gallatin. From Mulberry Gap, by Lone Branch, to Hunter’s Gap, in Vir 'nia. Bolziéom Murfreesboro’, by Salem Cross-Roads, to Wilkinson’s (glross s. Fglorm Nashville, by Anandale, Mayneld, and Wilson’s to in gton. From Nashville, by Chestnut Grove, Charlotte, Williamsville, Waverly, Camden, and Sandy Ridge, to Huntingdon. . From Nashville, by Good Spring, Franklin, White House, Spring Hill, Col umbia, Ashwood, Mount Pleasant, Cass, Lawrenceburg, Green Hill, in Alabama, Lauderdale Factory, and Florence, to Tuscnmbia. From Nashville, by Good Spring, Franklin, White House, Spring 15% Columbia, Ashwood, Mount Pleasant, Henryville, and Palo Alto, to aynes ro'. From Nashville, by La Vergne, Smyrna, Cherry Fla Murfreesboro', Jordan’s Valley, Fosterville, War Trace Depot, Tullglnoma, Alisonla, Stevenson, and Jonesville, to Chattanooga. . From Nashville, by MeWhirtersville, Green Hill, Silver Springs, and Cole’s Ferry, to Lebanon. From N ashvil1e,` by Madison, Tyree Springs, Mulloy’s, Mitchellsville, Franklin, in Kentucky and Woodburn, to Bowling Green. From Nashville, by Nolensville Triune, Jordan’s Store, Eagleville, Versailles, Rover, Unionville, and`? McGowansville, to Shelbyville. _ From Nashville, by Pleasant Retreat, Hendersonville, Saundersville, Gallatin, Greenwood, Hanna’s, Bock House, in Kentucky, Scottsville, Cedar Spring, and Pageville, to Glasgow. _ From Nashville,. by Ridge Post, Cooperstown, Turnersville, Port Royal, Clarksville, New Providence, Ringgold, Oak Grove, in Kentucky, and Lon§View, to Hopkinsville. From ashville, by Saddle Tree, to Lieber’s Fork. {num Nashville, by Springileld, and Adairsville, in Kentucky, to Russe e. From Nashville, by Stuart2s Ferry, Rural Hill, Hudd1eston’s Cross- Roads, Cainsville, and Statesville, to Libert% From Nashville, by Tank, South Barpet , Barren, Bon Aqua, and Vernon, to Centreville. From Norristown to Bea.n’s Station. From New Canton to J amed Cross-Roads. _ From Newport, by McNabb’s, Cor1ey’s Creek, Shoult’s, and Joned Cove, to Seviervi le. · From Newport, by mouth of Nolachncky, Mossy Creek, and Austin’s Ferry, to Rutledge. _ From Newport, by mouth of Nolachucky, McFarland’s, and Morristown, to Bean’s Station.