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IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. 49 From Chicago, by Lyons, Lyonsville, Ca Littlecask, Long John, Iglatinlield, Plattville, Lisbon, Halderman’s“Grove, and Norway, to wa. _ Chicago, by Waukegan, Kenosha, and Racine, to Milwankie, in rsconsrn. From Chicago, by Noyesville, College Hill, Babcock’s Grove, Danby Wheaton, Winfield, Junction, Wayne, Clintonville, Hgin, Rutland; Huntley’s Grove, Union, Marengo, Garden Prairie, Belvidere, Cherry `Valley, Rockford, Pecatonica, Freeport, Eleroy, Lena, Louisa, N om,

V:¥)·reln, Scales Mound, Council Hill, Galena, Menominee, and Dunlieth,

o n nque. From Chicago, by Ridgevillc, New Fricr, Port Clinton, and Oak Hill, to Waukegan. _ From Chicago, by Thornton Station, Rich, Monee, Manteno, Kankakee Depot, Ashkum, Onarga, Lodi, Rantoul, Urbana, Pesotum, Neoga, guy, Oakaw, Wehunka, Edgwood, Farina, Tonti, and Odin, to Cenrn. From Chicago, by Worth, Makena, New Lenox, Joliet, Sandy Ridge, Morris, Marseilles, Ottawa, Utica, La Salle, Peru, Tiskilwa, Shemeld, Genesee, and Moline, to Bock Island. From Chili to Bowensburg. From Chili, by Northfield, and Kossuth, to Warsaw. From Chillicothe, by Northampton, Long Ridge, and Valley Post- Odlce, to Wyoming. From Chittenden, by Little Muddy, and Osage, to Fredonia. _ From Claremont, by Stringtown, Chauncey, and Hardinsville, to Bobmson. From Clarksville to Pleasant Hill. From Clermont, by Stringtown, and St. Mary’s, to Newton. From Clifton, by Eden, and Rogers, to Pontiac. From Clinton, by Nixon, to Monticello. From Clinton, by Waynesville, to Atlanta. From Clinton, by Waynesville, New Castle, Eminence, and Big Prairie, to Delavan. From Clifton, by L’Erable, and Martinton, to Middlepcrt. From Clyde to Union Grove. From Colchester to Fandon. From Columbus, by Bethany, to Liberty. From Columbus, by Houston, Elm Grove, Huntsville, and Brooklyn, rom ottage i , ison, an oomin a e, inggo . t0FP0ddCm& H ll b Add d Bl gd l to R ld From Crawfordsvillef by Jacksonville, Harveysburg, Lodville, Eugene, Georgetown, Indianola, Hickory Grove, and New Albany, to Piscatum Station. From Dakota, by Bock Grove, to Broadhead, in Wisconsin. From Danville, by Pilot, Hi ggmsville, Ten Mile Grove, Oliver’s Grove, and Avoca, to Pontiac. From Danville, by Bossville, and Blue Grass, to Paxton. From Danville to Beesville. From Decatur to N. M. Brown’s. From Decatur, by Hopewell, Swingston, Hermitage, Neoga Station, Oakland, and Embarrass Point, to Paris. ]_ From Decatur, by Mount Zion, Lovington, and Union Store, to Sulivan. From Decatur to Newburg. _ From Decatur, by Sullivan, Cochran’s Grove, Big Spring, and Ewington, to _Wchnnka Station. . From Dc Kalb Centre, by Broadie’s Grove, Jefferson Grove, Lamy- ctte Grove, Kyte River, Ogle, and Taylor, to Grand Detour. From De Kalb to Dorset. From De Kalb Centre, by Lost Grove, Line, Swinton, New Virgil,and Williamsburg, to Dc Kalb Centro. 12 s 111---4