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80 POST-ROADS. From Davenport, by Amity, Allen’s Grove, and Buena Vista, to Gal- ¤¤ . Flrom Davenport,;;]Amitty&'1‘iptx>(1;,t;rVoodbndgc, G0uer’s Ferry, Newnd N rt owa 1 . _ p0Ft,ro?n Dagerdport, byuG}’entre Grove, Lactin, Pedee, Spring Dale, and Garth to I Gi .‘ _ Fm:FcDave1?p'::·t, btyr Linn Grove, Big Bock, and Cedar Bock Pomt, to Walnut Fork. _ _ ·

 Davenport, by Tipton, Mount Vernon, and Marion, to Cedar

pn From Decatur Ci , b Hopeville, to Anon. _ _ _ _ From Decatur Gig, by Princeton, and Trenton, in Missouri, to Chihth wFr°om Decatur City, by Terre Haute, to Eagleville, in Missouri. From Decorah, by Blulfton, Plymouth Bock, Twine Springs, Arnoldsville, Lane Springs, Forest City, and Leroy, to Austin, in Minnesota. From Decorah, by Brownsville, Montezuma, and Minnesota City, to Wabasha . kiFrom Dveeorah, by Burr Oak Springs, and Spillville, to Fort Atnson. From Decorah to Hesper. From Decorah to Wankon. From Decorah, by New Oregon, Villanovig and Nute, to Mitchell. From Decorah to Plum Grove. From Decorah, by Vernon Springs, Howard Centre, Jamestown, and Cardin', to Cora. From Delhi, by Delaware Centre, Mount Hope, Forestville, Strawberry Point, Mill Grove, Westheld, and Taylorsville, to West Union. Faoin Delhi, by Codin’s Grove, Quasqueton, and Pine, to Indepen ence. From Delhi,_by Colesburg, to Garnaville. From Delhi, by Hartwick, and Erin, to Quasqueton. From Delhi to Nottingham. From Denison, by Belvidere, and Ashton, to Dexter, in Nebraska. From Denison to.Ida. From Denison to Magnolia. From Des Moines by Adel, Panora, Guthrie Centre, Bear Grove, Exiva, Buck Greek, Newtown, and Keg Creek, to Council Bluffs. From Des Moines, by Adelphi, Vandalia, Bennington, and Bed Rock, “F‘$;‘°‘¥»“.‘.°M m oin b Bnlfal G Bi le Jef and Sa G't , tosioucity- °“» Y ° NVQ PY; 0*80% ° ly From Des Moines, by Ghariton, Corydon, and Linersville, to Chillieothe,'in Missouri. EFI12m D.: Mpines tobbalmanuthav. m oin a , rtDod`Ad`n ali Spgghggn ¤¤,y yton o ge, <hso,andPo,to m oines. b G bush St. Charl l ' w]¥£un¥)Ay§ y reen , es, Oceo a, and Hopeville, m es oin byH'k G Pal tin in nan Frgogajguwcmtg Cityio ory rove, es c, Ames, Bl kso , d m oin Indian l Ch ’t n alnu n and Milan, to Jedeelnsoii Gity,i(n8,M1sso' ahlrizmcoudo ,w t’SdntJ°b ° From Des Moines, by Indianola, and Ghariton, to Luneville. From Moines, by_ Indiano a, Occola, Leon, and Gentry Court House, in Missouri, to Saint Joseph, in Missouri. FF:m D):M;>ines, bly Jfkferson, and Lake City, to Sac City. m oin cGlain H a n asean u- son toGrove City.°8, y ’ °m.y°P no ’ M “u°’ d Bc &m D)e;M;>ines tobMRignolia. m oin `tch ll asan Grove, tounmtaes, y 1 e , Green C tle, Edenville, d Starry