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92 POST-ROADS. From W pello to Mount Pleasant. _ _ _ _ From Wapello, by Toogbord, to New Boston, in Illinois. F W h'n to t n.

 Wzsghinxg, by Migrc,ellus, and Trenton, to Mount Pleasant

Fro W h' t NrthEn lish. _ From Waaghibgtttgh, by North lgnglish, Webster, Coal Crook, Union, and New Sharon, to Granville. From Washington, by Valley, to Lancaster. From Washington to Wassonville. From Waterloo, up Black Hawk Creek, by Grundy Centre, to Eld OFi·.om Waterloo, by Buckingham, Crystal, Spring Creek, and Green Mountain, to Marshalltown. From Waterloo, to Fort Dodge, by Grundy Centre, and Eldora. From Waterloo, by Hudson, Grundy Centre, and Vienna, to Marshallto . wF:om Waukon, by French Creek, Union City, Winnebago, and Crooked Creek, to Brownsville, in Minnesota. From Waukon, by Roseville, Volney, and Council Hill, to McGregor. From Waukon, by Bud’s, Dorchester, and Wilmington, to Caledonia, in M' esota. Frbl: Waukon, by Waterville, Bell’s Mill, and Johnson’s Landing, to Prairie du Chien, in Wisrnonsin. From Waverly to Hampton. From Waverly to Shell Rock. From Webster, by Hewitt, Bufalo Grove, and Blue Earth City, to Mankato, in Minnesota. From Webster to Luni. From Webster, by Pcck’s, Cooper's, and Indianapolis, to Hopewell. From Webstn.r City to Belmont. Fmm Webster City, by Cropper’s Grove, to Mankato, in Minnesota. From-Webster City, by Dacotah City, Paoli, and Irish Colony, to Spirit Lake. From Webster City to Grant. From Westfield, by Greeley’s Grove, to Independence. From West Liberty, by Pedee; to Bock Creek. From West Liberty, by Pike, to Port Allen. From West Mitchell, by Plymouth, and Mason City, to Clear Lake. From West Point to Salem. From West Side, by Levey, Boyer Valley, and Eden, to Storm Lake. From West Union to Bradford, by Saint Charles. From West Union, by Clermont, to McGregor: From West Union, by Eldorado, to Decorah. mlgroml West Umon, by Fredericksburg, Williamstown, and Bradford, as um From West Union, by Fredericksburg, and Bradford, to Saint Charles. WFEOZI WuéaU311g_n§wI;£i, C·:lok’s, Jacksonville, Prairleville, Howard, il s urgl,tAu ,and orv`ll ordan,and Austin, in Minnesota. u gu I a, w J w •West Umon, by Wapsi, Buck Bun, and Martinsburg, to m Wheatland, by Tomato ei Burgess, t M m u From Wilton J unction, by to Loudon (Stat‘;i:n.° th. From Winterset, by Adel, to Boonesborol. Fro`1:iW1nterset, by Afton, Bedford, and Maryville, to Savannah, in From Wintcrset, by Allen, and Pano to Jen` n. From Wintcrset, by Fontenclle, to Bm Qu tlc DI;s1Moines. m. ¤¤ y orte, and Osceola, to Leon. From Williamsto , b N Haann an . held, to- • wn y ew pton, North Washmgto , d Deer