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ALGIERS, 1816. 9 aid or assistance from the Government of Algiers to enforce his decision, it shall be immediately granted to him; and if any disputes shall arise between any citizens of the United States and the citizens or subjects of any other nation having a Consul or Agent in Algiers, such disputes shall be settled by the Consuls or Agents of the respective nations; and any disputes or suits at law that may take place between any citizen of the United States and the subjects of the Regency of Algiers shall be decided by the Dey in person, and no other. ARTICLE XX. If a citizen of the United States should kill, wound, or strike a subject Punishment for of Algiers, or, on the contrary, a subject of Algiers should kill, wound, munitor strike a citizen of the United States, the law of the country shall take place, and equal justice shall be rendered, the Consul a sisting at the trial; but the sentence of punishment against an American citizen shall not be greater or more severe than it would be against a Turk in the same predicament; and if any delinquent should make his escape, the Consul shall not be responsible for him in any manner whatever. Anrxcnn XXI. The Consul of the United States of America shall not be required to Free entry for pay any customs or duties whatever on anything he imports from a for- C°¤¤¤1 of U¤i*°d eign country for the use of his house and family. S“‘°““· Ancrrcnn XXII. Should any of the citinens of the United States of America die within Estates or entitle limits of the Regency of Algiers, the Dey and his subjects shall not zcns of Unit Ml interfere with the property of the deceased, but it shall be under the §f*’“ d·Y“’g"‘ ‘1"’ immediate direction of the Consul, unless otherwise disposed of by will. ·“°"°y‘ Should there be no Consul, the eifects shall be deposited in the hands of some person worthy of trust, until the party shall appear who has a right to demand them, when they shall render an account of the property ; neither shall the Dey or his subjects give hinderance in the execution of any will that may appear. Icertify the foregoing to be a true copy of a treaty of peace nego- Qertiicnte of tinted by Commodore Decatur and myself with the Regency of Algiers, W’“"·““ S"“‘°’· and signed by the Dey of that Regency on the 30th June, 1815. Date. On board the United States ship Gucrriere, 6th July, 1815. Date. WM. SHALER. ALGIEBS, 1816. BENEWED TREATY WITH ALGIERS. TREATY OF PEACE AND AMITY, CONCLUDED BETWEEN THE UNITED DW- 22-23- Ism- STATES OF AMERICA AND THE DEY AND REGENCY OF ALGIERS DECEM- `°;""_"*‘ BER 22 AND 22, 1816; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE FEBRUARY 1, 1822· RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT FEBRUARY 11, 1822; PROCLAIMED FEB· Ruhr 11, 1822. The President of the United States and the Dey of Algiers, being _0¤¤t¤wti¤c1>=¤- desirous to restore and maintain, upon a stable and permanent footing, *"'"“· the relations of peace and good understanding between the two powers, and for this purpose to renew the treaty of peace and amity which was concluded between the two States by William Shaler and Commodore Stephen Decatur, as·Commissioners Plenipotentmry on the part of the United States, and His Highness Omar Pashaw, Dey of Algiers, on the 30th of June, 1815.