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160. rustic rnnarins. C¤¤¤¢i¤z l¤¤~ii¢· By the right of entering- the places, ports, and rivers mentioned in this article, the privilege of carrying on the coasting trade IS not under— stood; in which trade, national vessels only of the country where the trade is carried on are permitted to engage; Aurrcm IH. Favors granted It being the intention of the two high contracting parties to bind

  • °°‘*‘°' '”'·*·*°°°*° themselves, by the preceding articles, to treat each other on the footing

b°°°°°° °°°""°°' of the most favored nation, it is hereby agreed between them, that any favor, privilege, or immunity whatever, in matters of commerce and navigation, which either contracting party has actually granted, or may .hereatter grant, to the subjects or citizens of any other state, shall be extended to the subjects or citizens of the other high contracting party, gratuitous1y,' if the concession in favor of that other nation shall have been gratuitous; or in return for a compensation as nearly as possible of proportionate value and effect, to be adjusted by mutual agreement, if the concessions shall have been conditional. Anricm IV. ugqgglilzoff dn; No higher nor other duties shall be imposed on the importation into ·~***·~··*’=i···*`°°° {.‘i$.dt$£.‘1"3‘£Z.‘If.}}.‘§.“.§“.§".E§°‘£€.‘€`ti2¥.?‘éT‘§.“i$*“g ‘.1$.i"° gi.""'»¥"’ - _ u s rea ( no 1 er xiiizsiggjmch op egzlhelrcdutigs shiag be imposed on the importation intb the territgries 0 e epu ic o osta Rica of any articles bein the rowth, produce or manutacture of the territories of the United Sgates, ghan are or shall be payable on the like articles, being the growth, produce, or manufacture of any other foreign country ; nor shall any other or higher duties or charges be imposed in the territories of either of the high contracting parties, on the exportation of any articles to the territories of the other, _ than such as are or may be payable on the exportation of the like articles h_Eq5¤•l¤|>y of pro- to My 0|>h¤1‘ ;0I’6lg¤_00\lDl1'_Y, nor shall any prohibition be imposed upon ¤ *'·¤°¤¤· the exportation or importation of any articles the growth, produce, or m_ag11tat:t§re of hthe tgerritoélies ot;1 the United States, or of the Republic os ica or rom e said tcm_ 'torie of the United States or to or from the Republic of Costa Rica, which shall not e uall · extend to all other tion q y na s. Amucma V. Tonnage duties No higher nor otherdutieso m t f fi' ht ..m.:. 0, ,,,,,,,0, d,,,,,, of ,,,i.,,,,,g.,, .,.’,£{‘,!’,g1*,j‘.i’, 2,';2,°‘;?Li§‘§.°.i‘3§.$.”f.‘§‘2; 3, ,.t,,. Xm_p_.,63;] ;vI:·eckt,;>l1;0u accongnt ot any other local charges, shall be imposed in y 0 e ports o the Republic of Costa Rica, on vessels of the United 232, thznolébglsg payable; tp; meSports by Costa Rican vessels; _ o e s i n s, than shall be payable in the sameuports ohavtgsesgz dfothte Ubitted Ssatds. Anrrcmr VI. Vessels or both The same duties sh ll b 'd n th 'm ·n ’ 'es _°;:;*;'°*:,°¤ lib ° of the Republic of Cczta of, anyaaltiglbumbgihlg dfttlndhgrdsvrthmglw » [ S °° “"in_ 1 duce, or manufacture of the territories of the United States whether xuL;?,03_] '° ° ranch importation shall be made in Costa Rican, or in vessels of the _ mted States;_and the same duties shall be paid on the importation into the territories of the United States of any article being the growth, produ:.e,_0r mlanufacture of the Itepublic of Costa Rica, whether such 1mpo tion s all be made in United States or in Costa Rican vessels. Di-awbaeks and The same duties shall be and d th ‘ · Manda _ U d _ D , uu e same bounties and drawbacks _ 26 owe thou the exportation to the Republic of Costa Rica of any articles ing e growth, produce, or manufacture of the territories of the