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FRANCE, 1778. 205 from and to any part of the world, which the said nations do or shall enjoy. Anrroma V. In the above exemption is particularly comprised the imposition of Pnrticulnrexcep- 100 sols `per ton. established in France on foreign ships; unless when Wmthe ships of the United States shall load with the merchandize of France for another port of the same dominion, in which case the said ships shall pay the duty above-mentioned so long as other nations the most favoured shall be obliged to pay it. But it is understood that the said United States, or any of them, are at liberty, when they shall judge it proper, to establish a duty equivalent in the same case. Anrrcnn VI. ` The Most Christian King shall endeavour by all the means in his power Protectionof vesto protect and defend all vessels and the effects belonging to the subjects, S ¤ I ¤ ¤ f United people, or inhabitants of the said United States, or any of them, being S*““’*· in his ports, havens, or roads, or on the seas near to his countries, islands, cities, or towns, and to recover and restore to the right owners, their agents or attornies, all such vessels and effects which shall be taken within his jurisdiction ; and the ships of war of His Most Christian Majesty, or any convoy sailing under his authority, shall upon all occasions take under their' protection all vessels belonging to the subjects, people, or inhabitants of the said United States, or any of them, and holding the same course, or going the same way, and shall defend such vessels, as long as they hold the same course or go the same way, against all attacks, force, and violence, in the same manner as they ought to protect and defend the vessels belonging to the subjects of the Most Christian King. Anrrouz VII. In like manner the said United States and their ships of war, sailing Protection o r under their authority, shall protect and defend, conformable to the tenor F'*€“°h g°¤S*"¤ by 0f the preceding article, all the vessels and effects belonging to the sub- Umwd m°““‘ jects of the Most Christian King, and use all their endeavours to recover and cause to be restored the said vessels and effects that shall have been taken within the jurisdiction of the said United States, or any of them. Anricmz VIII. The Most Christian King will employ his good offices and interposi- BI¤{)¢FP¤Si¤i<>¤WiU¤ tion with the King or Emperor of Morocco or Fez, the regencies of M ary P°w°"" Algier, Tunis, and Tripoli, or with any of them; and also with every other Prince, State, or Power, of the coast of Barbary, in Africa, and the subject of the said King, Emperor, States, and Powers, ftlld each of them, in order to provide as fully and eflicaciously as possible for the, benefit, conveniency, and safety of the said United S ates, and each of them, their subjects, people, and inhabitants, and their vessels and effects against all violence, insult, attacks, or depredations on the part of the said Princes and States of Barbary, or their subjects. Ancrronn IX. The subjects, inhabitants, merchants, commanders of ships, masters, H {With;; 1>g¤‘ty_¢<> wld mariners of the States, provinces, and dominions of each party ,;,1; th; Tespectively shall abstain and torbear to hsh in all places possessed or which shall be possessed by the other party; the Most Christian Km_g’s subjects shall not fish in the haven_s, bays, creeks, roads, or places which the said United States hold or shall hereafter hold; and in like manner the subjects, people, and inhabitants of the said United States shall not fish in the havens, bays, creeks, roads, coasts, or places which the Most Christian King possesses or shallhereafter possess; and if any ship or VBSSGIY shall be found fishing contrary to the tenor of this treaty, the