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FRANCE, 1788. 219 Anrrcnn {V. _ The interest of five per cent. per annum of the capital of the six mill- I¤*¤*¤¤*· ions, mentioned in the preceding article, shall begin to bereckoned from the tirst of January of the year 1784, and shall be paid in ready money at His Majesty’s royal treasury, at Paris, on the same day of each year, the first of which shall take place the first of January, 1785, and so on from yearto year, until the deiinitive reimbursement of the capital- His_Majesty being pleased, by a new Act of generosity, to present and remit to the thirteen United States the partial interest of the present year, which the underwritten Minister of Congress has declared to accept with acknowledgment in the name of the said United States. ARTICLE V. The interest of the capital of the six millions shalhdiminish in proper- interest to dition to the reimbursements at the periods iixed in the preceding article; "}"““h '“ P'°P°" Congress and the United States reserving, however, the liberty of free- °‘°° t° P°""°°°°‘ gig themslelves, by anticipated payments, should the state of their nances a mi Aurrcna VI. The contracting parties will reciprocally guaranty the faithful observa- Estinsations. tion of the foregoing articles; the ratiflcations of which shall be exchanged in the space of nine months hom the date of this present contract, or sooner if possible. In faith whereof we, the Ministers Plenipotentiaries of His Majesty and BlS¤¤*¤¤‘°¤· the Congress of the thirteen United States of North America, in virtue of our respective full powers, have signed the present contract, and thereunto amxed the seal of our arms. Done at Versailles the twentyhfth day. of February, one thousand Date. seven hundred and eighty-three. GBAVIEB DE VERGEN NES. L. s. B._ FRANKLIN. L. s. FRANCE, 1788. GONSULAB CONVENTION BETWEEN HIS MOS’I‘ CHRISTIAN MAJESTY AND Nomu,1188. _ THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CONGLUDED AT VERSAILLES N0- -——-—-——— VEMCBER 14 1788* RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE JULY 29, 1789; RATIFIED EY PRESIDENT SEPTEMBER 0, 11ea. [Annulled by act of Congress July 7, 1798.] Omwentnbn between His Most Ohristian Majesty and the United States of America, for the purpose of dcjining and establishing the _/imotiomr and privileges of their respective Cousuls and Vicc·0onsuls. His Majesty the Most Christian King, and the United States of _C¤ntr¤.cti¤gp¤r- America, havin , by the twenty-ninth article of the treaty of amity and *’°'· _ commerce concluded between them, mutually granted the liberty of E§:°t¤*¤;1;7§gIX» having in their respective States and ports, Cousuls, Vice-Cousuls, 2,f]’ ° ’ P' agents, and commissaries, and being willing, in consequence thereof, to deiine and establish,'in a reciprocal and permanent manner, the fuuctions and privileges of Cousuls and Vice-Cousuls, which they have judged it convenient to establish of preference, His Most Christian Negotiators. Majesty has nominated the Sieur Count of Montmorin of St. Hcrent, Marechal of his Camps and Armies, Knight of his Orders, and of the Golden Fleece, his Counsellor inaall his Councils, Mini ter and Secretary of State, and of his Commandments and Finances, having the Department of Foreign Adhirs; and the United States have nominated the