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16 PUBLIC TREATIES. Anrrcms V. Island of Martin The high contracting parties, considering that the Island of Martin G¤'°¤* Garcia may, from its position, embarrass and impede the free navigation of the confluents of the river Plate, agree to use their influence to prevent the possession of the said island from being retained or held by any State of the river Plate, or its continents, which shall not have given its adhesion to the principle of their free navigation. Ancricnn VI. Navigation of If it should happen (which God forbid) that war should break out ‘{Y““ m *“”° °f between any of the States, Republics, or Provinces of the river Plate or ML its coniluents, the navigation of the rivers Parana and Uruguay shall remain iree to the merchant dag of all nations, excepting in what may relate to munitions of war, such as arms of all kinds, gunpowder, lead, and cannon balls. ARTICLE VII. Accession to Power is expressly reserved to His Majesty the Emperor of Brazil, gfjty by °°h°' and the Governments of Bolivia, Paraguay, and the Oriental State of " ’°S‘ Uruguay, to become parties to the present treaty, in case they should be disposed to apply its principles to the parts of the rivers Parana, Paraguay, and Uruguay, over which they may respectively possess iiuvial rights. Anrrorln VIII. t,M°¤ff¤‘~’°*°d *1** The principal objects for which the rivers Parana and Uruguay are "’" ° “““°‘ declared tree to the commerce of the world, being to extend the mercantile relations of the countries which border them, and to promote immigration, it is herehyagreed that no favor or immunity shall be granted to the ilag or trade of any other nation which shall not equally extend to those of the United States. Anriomn IX. R¤¢iii<=¤¢i<>¤¤- The present treaty shall be ratined on the part of the Government of the United States within fifteen mouths from its date, and within two days by His Excellency the Provisional Director of the Argentine Confederation, who shall present it to the first Legislative Congress of the Confederation, for their approbation. The ratilications shall be exchanged at the scat of Government of the Argentine Confederation, within the term of eighteen months. Signatures. In witness whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this treaty, and aiiixed thereto their seals. Dam, Done at San José de Flores, on the tenth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three. [SEAL. ROBT. O. SCHENOK. [sam,. JNO. S. PENDLETON. s12A]... SALVADOR MA. DEL CARRIL. [SEAL.] Jose B. GOROSTIAGA. ARGENTINE CON FEDERATION, 1853. Jn1y 27,]_B53_ TREA'I‘Y WITH THE ARGENTINE CONFEDERATION CONCLUDED AT SAN ‘*—_* i8€£s}Et"€§· iiiéss%i;¥§£‘i*%3i€é’§9A?s§1S**§l£}i~P§“i“’i ’““‘ “· *85*; AT PARANA, DECEMBEB. 20, 1854; PBOCLAIMED API€lLI(SgP?85gXCHANGED Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation, between the United States and the Argentine Confederation. Pr¤¤¤¤\>1¤- Commercial intercourse having been for some time establish ed between the United States and the Argentine Confederation, it seems good for