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FRANCE, 1788. 223 the search, seizure, and arrest of the said deserters, who shall even be detained and kept in the prisons of the country, at their request and expense, until they shall have found an opportunity of sending them hack; but if they be not sent back within three months, to be counted from the day of their arrest, they shall be set at liberty, and shall beno more arrested for the same cause. Anrrom X. In cases where the respective subjects or citizens shall have com- ciuma amenmitted any crime, or breach of the peace, they shall be amenable to.the ¤l>l° *`°* ¤¤’i¤¤¤¤- judges of the country. Aaerrcnn XI. When the said offenders shall be a part of the crew of a vessel of mw <>¤’¤¤<l¤¥¤ their nation, and shall have withdrawn themselves on board the said :{]‘:,l:_d:““':c‘{: "°““1‘ vessel, they may be there seized and arrested by order of the judges of ` the country. These shall give notice thereof to the Consul or Vice- Consul, who may repair on board if he thinks proper; but this notincation shall not in any case delay execution of the order in question. The persons arrested shall not afterwards be set at liberty until the Consul or Vice-Consul shall have been notified thereof; and they shall be delivered to him,_if he requires it, to be put again on board of the vessel on which they were arrested, or of others of their nation, and to be sent out of the country. Anmcrn XII. All diuerences and suits between the subjects of the Most Christian Settlement c t King in the United States, or between the citizens of the United States ‘u°P“*°°· within the dominions of the Most Christian King, and particularly all disputes relative to the wages and terms of engagement of the crews of the respective vessels, and all diferences, of whatever nature they be, which may arise between the privates of the said crews, or between_any of them and their captains, or between the captains of diferent vessels of their nation, shall be determined by the respective Consuls and Vice- Consuls, either by a reference to arbitrators, or by a summary judgment and without costs. No officer of the country, civil or military; shall interfere therein, or take any part whatever in the matter; and the appeals from the said consular sentences shall be carried before the tribunals of France or of the United States, to whom it may appertain to take cognizauce thereof. ABMOL1a XIII. The general utility of commerce having caused to be established Trib¤¤¤l• tv ¢!•- within the dominions of the Most Christian King particular tribunals gg,; °°“'““°'°““ and forms for expediting the decision of commercial aifairs, the merchants of the United States hall enjoy the bene|lt;of these establishments; and the Congress of the United States will provide in the manner the most conformable to its laws for the establishment of equivalent advantages in favour of the French merchants, for the prompt dispatch and decision of affairs of ·the same nature. Anrxcnn XIV. The subjects of the Most Christian King, and the citizens of the Resldsntnexempt United States who shall prove by legal evidence that they are of the Mm P¤¤¢>¤¤l¤•¢·‘ said nations respectively, shall in consequence enjoy an exemption from '*°°· all personal service in the place of their settlement.