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18 PUBLIC TREATIES. exportation of any article to the territories of the other, than such as are, or shall be, payable on the exportationot the like article to my Eqiuiiiy or pm other foreign country; nor shall any prohibition be unposed upon t c hibitions. importation or exportation of any article of the growth, produce, or manufacture of the territories of either of the contracting parties, to or from the territories of the other, which shall not equally extend to the like article of any other foreign country. Aarrom V. No discriminat.- No other or higher duties or charges, on account of tonnage, light or lng d¤**°° °¤ '°°· harbor dues, pilotage, salvage in case of average or shipwreck, or any “°]“·&”‘ other local charges, shall be imposed in the ports of the two contracting parties on the vessels of the other than those payable 111 the same ports on its own vessels. A VI BTIGLB . No discrimina- The same duties shall be paid, and the same drawbacks and bounties ii"" i¤ "*`P""°*°k° allowed, upon the importation or exportation of any article into or from “"d b°""°'°°‘ the territories of the United States or into or from the territoriesof the Argentine Confederation, whether such importation or exportation be made in ve sels of the United States or in vessels of the Argentine Confederation. AK VH mom: . Nationality of The contracting parties agree to consider and treat as vessels of the

  • ¤¤¤<=l¤- United States and of the Argentine Confederation all those which, be

ing furnished by the competent authority with a regular passport or sealetter, shall, under the then existing laws and regulations of either ol the two Governments, be recognized fully and bona iide as national vessels, by that country to which they respectively belong. Anrxcnn VIII. Righ t ¤f Mi- All merchants, commandersof ships, and others, citizens of the United 2:::* “’ ‘]° b““" States, shall have iull liberty, in all the territories of the Argentine Confederation, to manage their own affairs themselves, or to commit them to the management of whomsoever they please, as broker, factor, Employment of agent, or interpreter; nor shall they be obliged to employ any other °9““‘“· persons in those capacities than those employed by citizens of the Argentine Confederation, nor to pay them any other salary or remuneration than such as is paid in like cases by citizens of the Argentine Con- Liberty oftndo. federation. And absolute freedom shall be allowed in all cases to the buyer and seller, to bargain and Ex the price of any goods, wares, or merchandise imported into, or exported from, the Argentine Confederation, as they shall see good; observing the laws and established customs of the country. The same rights and privileges, in all respects, shall be enjoyed in the territories of the United States, bv the citizens of the Argentine Confederation. The citizens of the two contracting partiesshall reciprocally receive and enjoy full and perfect protection 0f4mm <><>¤¤'*• for their persons and property, and shall have free and open access t0 J the courts of justice in the said countries respectively, for the prosecution and defence of their just rights, and they shall be at liberty to employ in all cases such advocates. attorneys, or agents as they may think proper; and th‘ey shall enjoy, in this respect, the same rights and privileges therein as native citizens. Aurrcnn IX. _A¤q¤i¤¤m¤¤¤¤¤d In whatever relates to the police of the ports, the ladin and nnlad·

 °f p'"?' mg of ships, the safety of the merchandise, goods, and effects, and to

the acquiring and disposing of property of every sort and denomination,