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FRANCE, 1831. 245 SEPARATE ARTICLE. The extra duties levied on either side before the present day, by virtue Extra duties to of the act of Congress of 15th May, 1820, and of the ordinance of 26th b° '°f'*¤d°d· July of the same year, and others contirmative thereof, and which have not already been paid back, shall be refunded. Signed and sealed as above, this 24th day of June, 1822. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. [L. s.] G. HYDE DE N EUVLLLE. [L. s. [ FRANCE, 1831. CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HIS MAJ- July 4, 1831. ESTY THE KING OF FRANCE RELATIVE TO CLAIMS AND DUTIES ON ——-——————— WINES AND COTPONS, CONCLUDED AT PARIS JULY 4, 1831; RATIFICA- TION ADVISED BY SENATE JANUARY 27, 1832; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT FEBRUARY 2, 1832; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON FEB- RUARY 2, 1832; PROCLAIMED JULY 13, 18:12. Convention with France. The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the Contracting pu- French, animated with an equal desire to adjust amicably, and in a *’i°°· manner conformable to equity, as well as to the relations of good intelligence and sincere friendship which unite the two countries, the reclamations formed by the respective Governments, have, for this purpose, named for their Plenipotentiaries, to wit: The President of the United States, by and with the advice and con- N°8°*i¤·*°¤‘•- sent of the Senate, William C. Rives, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the said United States, near His Majesty the King of the French, and His Majesty the King of the French, Count Horace Sebastiani, Lieutenant General of his Armies, his Minister Secretary of State for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Sec., &c.; Who, after having exchanged their full powers, found in good and due form, have agreed upon the following articles: ARTICLE I. The French Government, in order to liberate itself completely from I¤d9¤¤iF¥ *°` all the reclamations preferred against it by citizens of the United States, Am°“°°“ °‘°‘”°°°‘ for unlawful seizures, captures, sequestrationaconiiscations, or destructions of their vessels, cargoes or other property, engages to pay a sum of twenty-tive millions of francs to the Government of the United States, who shall distribute it amongthose entitled, in the manner and according to the rules which it shall determine. A1zrroLE II. The sum of twenty-ilve millions of francs, above stipulated, shall be Paymentspaid at Paris, in six annual instalments, of four millions one hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-six francs sixty-six centimes each, into the hands of such person or persons as shall be authorized by the Government of the United States to receive it. The first instalment shall be paid at the expiration of one year next following the exchange of the ratifications of this convention, and the others at successive intervals of a year, one after another, till the whole shall be paid. To the amount of each of the said instalments shall be added interest at four per cent. thereupon, as upon the other instalments then remaining unpaid ; the said interest to be computed from the day of the exchange of the ratitications of the present convention.