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GREAT BRITAIN, 1794. 279 persons and estates to make satisfaction and reparation for all damages and the interest thereof, of whatever nature the said damages may be., For this cause, all commanders of privateers, before they receive their commissions, shall hereafter be obliged to give, before a competent judge sufficient security by at least two responsible sureties, who have no inf terest in the said privateer, each of whom, 'together with the said commander, shall be jointly and severally bound in the sum of fifteen hundred pounds sterling, or, if such ships be provided with above one hundred and fifty seamen or soldiers, in the sum of three thousand pounds sterling, to satisfy all damages and injuries which the said privateer, or her officers or men, or any of them, may do or commit during their cruise contrary to the tenor of this treaty, or to the laws and instructions for regulating their conduct; and further, that in all cases of aggressions the said commissions shall be revoked and annulled. It is also agreed that whenever a judge of a court of admiralty of either of the parties shall pronounce sentence against any vessel or goods or property belonging to the subjects or citizens of the other party, a formal and duly authenticated copy of all the proceedings in the cause, and of the said sentence, shall, if required, be delivered to the commander of the said vessel, without the smallest delay, he paying all legal fees and demands for the same. Ancrrcmr. XX. It is further agreed that both the said contracting parties shall not Pirates. only refuse to receive any pirates into any of their ports, havens, or towns, or permit any of their inhabitants to receive, protect, harbor, conceal, or assist them in any manner, but will bring to condign punishment all such inhabitants as shall be guilty of such acts or otfences. And all their ships, with the goods or merchandizes taken by them and brought into the port of either of the said parties, shall be seized as iar as they can be discovered, and shall be restored to the owners, or their factors or agents, duly deputed and authorized in writing by them (proper evidence being first given in the court of admiralty for proving the property) even in case such edects should have passed into other hands by sale, if it be proved that the buyers knew or had good reason to believe or suspect that they had been piratically taken. Anrxomt XXI. It is likewise agreed that the subjects and citizens of the two nations Lo c t c r s or shall not do any acts of hostility or violence against each other, nor ac- ¤¤¤»¤1¤¢· cept commissions or instructions so to act from any foreign Prince or State, enemies to the other party ; nor shall the enemies of one of the parties be permitted to invite, or endeavor to enlist in their military service, any of the subjects or citizens of the other party ; and the laws against all such offences and aggressions shall be punctually executed. And if any subject or citizen of the said parties respectively shall accept any foreign commission or letters of inarque for arming any vessel to act as a privateer against the other party, and be taken by the other party, it is hereby declared to be lawful for the said party to treat and punish the said subject or citizen having such commission or letters of marque as a pirate. Anzrroma XXII. It is expressly stipulated that neither of the said contracting parties Reprisalb. will order or authorize any acts of reprisal against the other, on complaints of injuries or damages, until the said party shall first have presented to the other a statement thereof, verified by competent proof and evidence, and demanded justice and satisfaction, and the same shall either have been refused or unreasonably delayed.