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296 PUBLIC TREATIES. the said island shall continue to be the place of residence of the said I N°p°l°°" B°"°`pm°` ANTHONY sr. JN0. BAKER. WASHINGTON, November 24, 1815. GREAT BRITAIN, 1817. rn28, 1817. 1 GREAT BRITAIN AS TO THE NAVAL FORCE '1‘O BE iw ui§:S¥•gCTR*NI§.¥’M`iilNTA1NED ON THE AMERICAN LAKES, CONCLIJDED APRIL 28, 1817; APPROVED BY SENATE APRIL 16, 1818, AND RECOM- MENDED TO BE CARRIED INTO EFFECT; PROCLAIMED APRIL 2s, 1d1S. Arrangement between tlw United States and Great Britain, made by Richard Rush, esq., acting as Secretary of the Department of Sta tc, and Charles Bagot, His Britannia Mtqestg/s Envoy Extraordinary, abc. Navel force on The naval force to be maintained upon the American lakes by His tm 1¤·k°¤· Majesty and the Government of the United States shall henceforth be coniined to the following vessels on each side; that is- Luke Ontario. On Lake Ontario, to one vessel not exceeding one hundred tons burthen, and armed with one eighteen-pound cannon. _ Upper Lakes. On the upper lakes, to two vessels, not exceeding like burthen each, and armed with like force. L¤k¤0l=¤¤¤I>1¤i¤- On the waters of Lake Champlain, to one vessel not exceeding like burthen, and armed with like force. Other vessels to All other armed vessels on these lakes shall be forthwith dismantled, be dismantled- and no other vessels of war shall be there built or armed. Duration of nr- If either party should hereafter be desirous of annulling this stipula- ”*“€°°‘°“"- tion, and should give notice to that effect to the other party, it shall cease to be binding after the expiration of six months from the date of such notice. NTM} *"°*°°*° b° The naval force so to be limited shall be restricted to such services as “’“°"°°°°‘ will, in no respect, interfere with the proper duties of the armed vessels of the other party. Nov. 24, 1817. DECLARATION OF THE COMMISSIONERS UNDER THE FOURTH ARTICLE ————-—-- OF THE TREATY OF GHENT, MADE NOVEMBER 24, IBI7. NEW YORK, November 24, 1817.- Deeieretion of Sm: The undersigned Commissioners, appointed by virtue of the W6 <=°¤¤¤¤¤¤*°P°*¤ fourth article of the treaty of Ghent, have attended to the duties as- Q,'j:,‘;‘f,‘£;£,{ ‘ “g signed them; and have decided that Moose Island, Dudley Island, and [Sm Amd,) lv, Frederick Island, in the Bay of Passamaquoddy, which is part of the treaty of 1814,1;. Bay of Fundy, do each of them belong to the United States of America; 288.] and that all the other islands in the Bay of Passamaquoddy, and the Island of Grand Menan, in the Bay of Fundy, do each of them belong [Sm, ,,,,,,,5, of to His Britanuic Majesty, in conformity with the true intent of the sec- 17sa,pp.26e,261.] ond article of the treaty of peace of one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. The Commissioners have the honor to enclose herewith their decision. In making this decision it became necessary that each of the Commissioners should yield a part of his individual opinion. Several reasons induced them to adopt this measure; one of which wa the impression and belief that the navigable waters of the Bay of Passamaquoddy, which, by the treaty of Ghent, is said to be a part of the Bay of Fundy, are common to both parties for the purpose of all lawful and direct communication with their own territories and foreign ports.

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