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3()6 PUBLIC TREATIES. and of the Arbitrator so drawn by lot. And the Arbitrator, when so acting with the two Commissioners, shall be bound mall respects by the rules of proceeding enjoined by the IVth article of this convention upon the Commissioners, and shall be vested with the same powers, and be deemed, for that case, a Commissioner. Asricm VI. Decision of the The decision of the two Commissioners, or of the majority of the board, C°mm*°°i°°°’°· as constituted by the preceding article, shall IH all cases be final and conclusive, whether as to number, the value, or the ownership of the p,,,.,,,,,,, t 0 { slaves, or other property, for which indemnification is to be made. And award. His Britannic Majesty engages to cause the sum awarded to each and every owner in lieu of his slave or slaves, or other property, to be paid in specie, without deduction, at such time or times and at such place or places as shall be awarded by the said Commissioners, and on condition of such releases or assignments to be given as they shall direct: Provided, that no such payment shall be iixed to take place sooner than twelve months from the day of the exchange of the ratitications of this convention. Anrrcmz VII. E,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,- It is farther agreed that the Commissioners and Arbitrators shall be mission. respectively paid in such manner as shall be settled between the Gov- ` ernments of the United States and Great Britain at the time of the exchange of the ratifications of this convention. And all other expenses attending the execution of the commission shall be defrayed join tl y by the United States and His Britannic Majesty, the same being previously ascertained and allowed by the majority of the board. Aarrom VIH. Cm_,m,_d 00,,,0,, A certined copy of this convention, when duly ratified by His Majesty of ¤,.,m,m,¤. the Emperor of all the Russias, by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of their Senate, and by His Britannic Majesty, shali be delivered, by each of the contracting parties, respectively, to the Minister or other Agent of the mediating Power accredited to the Government of the United States, as soon as may be R,,,,Hc,,,i0,,,_ after the ratitications shall have been exchanged; which last shall be ei’fecte{1 at Washington in six months from the date hereof, or sooner if ‘ possib e. S,g,,,,_,,,,,,,_ In faith whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this conlvention, drawn up in two languages, and have hereunto affixed their sea s. Date, _ DOHC in triplicate at St. Petersburg, this $$-2 day of `_%one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two. NESSELRODE. L. s. CAPODISTRIAS. L. s. HENRY MIDDLETON. L. s. CHARLES BAGOT. L. S.] _ A. Count Nuaclroda to Mr. Mddkton. CtNl-Thd'dSt_{s1;g,d··h · ,. ,..,,,,°‘:‘,: M,_°§,“;3- A.;.,?.§‘i‘1.§"€'i§.“‘i..:..f’F'€..“E`.I.%.Erieé’€§“lC‘i%.‘M‘?.i.'il£€.£l.T‘飑.$l‘.§¥“'·S;*{1'f;?.1‘d‘}€.€§’§°.I£ mama_ Munster Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, the opinion which the Em- ’3.°§{L‘i;'f.f.‘2.?’2.‘1€S§1.”i1‘§tf3L‘I.‘I.“l`if.‘if.}?.S3°§tY€r2‘£J3“5€"‘L“rf"2’..""j°°“ °‘ °"° ""’“”f’“°°“ pretation of the first article of the treaty of Ghent. ea n m, mhtwo to the mtu-