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314 PUBLIC TREATIES. been issued under the authority, or are in the exclusive possession, of each party. _ _ _ _ No maps, surveys, or topographical evidence of anydescription, shall be adduced by either party, beyond that which is hereinafter stipulated, nor shall any fresh evidence of any description be adduced or adverted to, by either party, other than that mutually communicated or applied for as aforesaid. · _ _ Each party shall have full power to incorporate in, or annex to, either its nrst or second statement, any portion of the reports of the Commissioners, or papers thereunto annexed, and other written documents laid before the Commission under the 5th article of the treaty of Ghent, or of the other evidence mutually communicated or applied for as above provided, which it may think lit. Anrrorur IV. Maps- The map called Mitch_ell’s map, by which the framers of the treaty of 1783 are acknowledged to have regulated their joint and omcial proceedings, and the map A, which has been agreed on by the contracting parties, as a delineation of the water-courses, and of the boundary lines in reference to the said wafer-courses, as contended for by each party respectively, and which has accordingly been signed by the abovenamed Plenipotentiaries, at the same time with this convention, shall be annexed to the statements of the contracting parties, and be the only maps that shall be considered as evidence, mutually acknowledged by the contracting parties, of the topography of the country. It shall, however, be lawful for either party to annex to its respective tirst statement, for the purposes of general illustration,'any of the maps, surveys, or topographical delineations, which were filed with the Commissioners under the 5th article of the treaty of Ghent, any engraved map heretofore published, and also a transcript of the abovementioned map A, or of a section thereof, in which transcript each party may lay down the highlands, or other features of the country, as it shall think lit; the water courses and the boundary lines, as claimed by each party, remaining as laid down in the said map A. But this transcript, as well as all the other maps, surveys, or topographical delineations, other than the map A, and Mitchel1’s map, intended to be thus annexed, by either party, to the respective statements, shall be communicated to the other party, in the same manner as aforesaid, within nine months after the exchange of the ratiiications of this convention, and shall be subject to such objections and observations as the other contracting party may deem it expedient to make thereto, and shall annex to his lirst statement, either in the margin of such transcript, map or maps, or otherwise. Anrromc V. 8w¤¤{¤¤t·¤. M2-. All the statements, papers, maps, and documents, above mentioned,

  • ° "°d°l"’°"’d· and which shall have been mutually communicatedas aforesaid, shall,

without any addition, subtraction, or alteration,.whatsoever, be jointly and simultaneously delivered in to the arbitrating Sovereign or State within two years after the exchange of ratitications of this convention, unless the Arbiter should not, within that time, have consented to act as such; in which case all the said statements, papers, maps, and doc- - umentsshall be laid before him within six months after the time when he shall have consented so to act. No other statements, papers, maps or documents shall ever be laid before the Arbitcr, except as hereinafter provided. ` Anrrorn VI. _I¤ case the an- In order to facilitate the attainment of a ‘ust and sound decision on gsfrgggzglgcigre theipart of the Arbiter, it is agreed that, in clase the said Arbiter should desire further elucidation or evidence in regard to any specifick point