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328 PUBLIC TREATIES. after having heard, if required, one person on each side as aforesaid, and consulted with the Commissioners, shall decidethereupon hnally, and'without appeal. The decision of the Commissioners, and of the Arbitrator or Umpire, shall be given upon each claim in writing, and Agent of each shall be signed by them respectively. It shall be competent for each government. Government to name one person to attend the Commissioners as agent on its behalf, to present and support claims on its behalf, and to answer claims made upon it, and to represent it generally in all matters connected with the investigation and decision thereof _ _ Dccisions to he The President of the United States of America and Her Majesty the ¤<>¤<>l¤¤iV* Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain_ and Ireland hereby solemnly and sincerely engage to consider the decision of the Com missioners conjointly, or of the Arbitrator or Umpire, as the case may be, as absolutely final and conclusive upon each claim dectded upon by them or him, respectively, and to give full effect to such decisions without any objection, evasion, or delay whatsoever. Limitation of It is agreed that no claim arising out of any transaction of a date claims- prior to the 24th of December, 18i4, shall be admissible under this convention. Anricnn III. Tiinoiorpicscnt- Everyelaim shall be presented to the Commissioners within six months ing claims. from the day of their first meeting, unless in any case where reasons for delay shall be established to the satisfaction of the Commissioners, or of the Arbitrator or Umpire, in the event of the Commissioners diiiering in opinion thereupon; and then, and in any such case, the period for presenting the claim may be extended to any time not exceeding three months longer. Decisions. The Commissioners shall be bound to examine and decide upon every [scc convention claim within one year from the day of their first meeting. It shall bo 0* 1854-9-333-] competent for the Commissioners conjointly, or for the Arbitrator or Umpire, if they differ, to decide in each case whether any claim has or has not been duly made, preferred, or laid before them, either wholly, or to any and what extent, according to the true intent and meaning of this convention. Anrromc IV. Poymeut ¤f¤¤m¤ All sums of money which may be awarded by the Commissioners, or “"'“'d°d· -by the Arbitrator or Umpire, on acccount of any claim, shall be paid by the one Government to the other, as the case may be, within twelve months after the date of the decision, without interest, and without any deduction, sav e as specified in Article VI hereinafter. Anrrcm V. Ulrims Mt pw- The high contracting arties en a e to consider the result of the ro- “°“**°d·l’“"°‘]· ceedings of this commislsion as agfidl, perfect, and final settlement of every claim upon either Government arising out of any transaction of a date prior to the exchange of the ratifications of the present convention; and further engage that every such claim, whether or not the same may have been presented to the notice of, made, preferred, or laid before the said commission, shall, from and after the conclusion of the proceedings of the said commission, he considered and treated as finally settled, barred, and thenceforth inadmissible. Amionm VI. Records. The Commissioners, and the Arbitrator or Umpire, shall keep an accurate record and correct minutes or notes of all their proceedings, with the dates thereof, and shall appoint and employ a clerk, or other persons, to assist them in the transaction of the business which may come before them.