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GREAT BRITAIN, 1871. 363 Aamcm XXL It is agreed that, for the term of years mentioned in Article XXXIII · of this treaty, iish oil and iish of all kinds, (except fish of the inland cngegghutoivzbfrzg lakes, and of the rivers falling into them, and except fish preserved in °f d“°Y· oil,) being the produce of the iisheries of the United States, or of the FS°° A"°*°1°° Dominion of Canada, or of Prince Edward’s Island, shall be admitted Q5} I ° "·d into each country, respectively free of duty. `] Anrrcrn XXII. Inasmuch as it is asserted by the Government of Her Britannic Mai- Commissions I- s esty that the privileges accorded to the citizens of the United States *° d°*°*2""*“° °°?“‘ under Article XVIII of this treaty are of greater value than those §°"°°°'°° 5m";` accorded by Articles XIX and XXI of this treaty to the subjects of A:§$¤g%¤;, y Her Britannic Majesty, and this assertion is not admitted by the-Gcvern- " ment of the United States, it is further agreed that Commissioners shall be appointed to determine, having regard to the privileges accorded by the United States to the subjects of Her Britannic Majesty, as stated in Articles XIX and XXI of this treaty, the amount of. any compensation which, in their opinion, ought to be paid by the Government of the United States to the Government of Her Britannic Majesty in return for the privileges accorded to the citizens of the United States under A d h Article XVIII of this treaty;- and that any sum of money which the be ;;‘§Q_’ W °“ °° said Commissioners may so award shall be paid by the United States Government, in a gross sum, within twelve months after such award shall have been given. Anucm XXIII. The Commissioners referred to in the preceding article shall be ap- C¤¤¤¤¤i¤¤i¢>¤ qv ¤. pointed in the following manner, that is to say: One Commissioner shall B3" “° b° “PP°‘“°` be named by the President of the United States, one by Her Britannia ‘ Majesty, and a third by the President of the United States and Her Britannic Majesty conjointly; and in case the third Commissioner shall not have been so named within a period of three months from the date when this article shall take effect, then the third Commissioner shall be named by the Representative at London of·His Majesty the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. In case of the death, absence, or Vacancies. incapacity of -any Commissioner, or in the event of any Commissioner omitting or ceasing to act, the vacancy shall be nlled in the manner hereinbefore provided for making the original appointment, the period of three months in case of such substitution being calculated from the date of the happening of the vacancy. The Commissioners so named shall meet in the cityof Halifax, in wnsnsndwlmc the provinceof Nova Scotia, at the earliest convenient period after they W Mftbave been respectively named, and shall, before proceeding to any busi- A Té!¤¤¤1><>W¤¤‘¤ ¤¤d ness, make and subscribe a solemn declaration that they will impartially “ ‘°" and carefully examine and decide the matters referred to them to the best of their jnd ment, and according to justice and equity; and such declaration shallie entered on the record of their proceedings. Each of the high contracting parties shall also name one persou to Agents for each attend the commission as its Agent, to represent it generally in all mat- G°"°'¤'”°°*· ters connected with the commission. Aarrcnn XXIV. The proceedings shall be conducted in such order as the Commi sion· Proceedings beers appointed under Articles XXII and XXIII of this treaty shall £¤¤·¤:°¤?1¤:;:¤t§5>¤¤» determine. They shall be bound to receive such oral or written test1- °" ‘ mony as either Government may present. If either party shall offer oral testimony, the other party shall have the right of cross-exam1nation, under such rules as the Commissioners shall prescribe.