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394 PUBLIC TKEATIES. vice-commercial agents should require their assistance to cause their decisions to be carried into effect or supported. It is, however, understood that this species of j udgmeut or arbitration shall not deprive the contending parties of the right they have to resort on their return to the judicial authority of their own country. Dam,,,, from _ The said Consuls, Vice-Gonsuls, commercial agents, and vice-commer. vessels. cial agents are zmchorizecl to require the assistance of the local smthoritics lor the search, arrest, and imprisonment of the descrlers from the ships of wa-r and merchant vessels of their country. For this purpose they shall apply to the competent tribunals, judges, and officers, mul shall in writing demand said deserters, proving by the exhibition of the registers of the vessels, the mustenrolls of the crews, or by any other official documents, that such individuals formed part of the crews; and on this claim being thus substantiated, the surrender shall not be refused. Such deserters, when arrested, shall be placed at the disposal of the said Consuls, Vice~Cousuls, commercial agents or vice-commercial agents, and may beconiincd in the public prisons,ai: the request, and cost of those who shall claim them, in order to be sent to the vessels to which they belong, or to others of the same country. But; if not sent back within three months from the day of their arrest, they shall -be set at liberty, and shall uol; be again arrested for bbc same cause. However, it' the dcserter shall be found to have committed any crime or offence, his surrender may be delayed until the tribunal before which his case shall be pending shall lmve pronounced its sentence and such sentence shall have been carried into effect. Amrcnn X. Privileges of The citizens and subjects of the high contracting parties shall be ¤¤¤id¤¤¤¤- permitted to sqiouru and reside in all parts whatsoever of tho said territories, in order to attend to their aiihirs, and also to hire and occupy houses uml warehouses for the purposes of their commerce, provided they submit to the hwvs, as well general as special, relative to the right: of residing and trading. Mgpaggmgnn of Whilst they conform to the laws anal regulations in force, they shall bnsin•>s¤,&c. be at liberty to manage themselves their own business in all the territories subject to the jurisdiction of each party, as well in respect to the consignment and sale of their goods, by wholesale or retail, as with respect to the loading, unloading, and sending otf their ships, or to employ such agents and brokers as they may deem proper, they being in all these cases to be treated as the citizens or subjects of the country in which they reside; it being, nevertheless, understood that they shall remain subject to the said laws and regulations; also in respect to sulcs by wholesale or retail. Accu, to ,,,,,,m,_ They shall have frce access to the tribunals of justice in their litigious piihirs on the same terms which are granted by the law and usage of country to native citizens or subjects, for which purpose they may employ in defence of their rights such advocates, attorneys, and other agents as they may judge proper. · Disposal or pm- The citizens or subjects of each party shall have power to dispose of sonalproperty. their personal property within the jurisdiction of the other by SMG, donation, testament-, or otherwise. Success i nn to Their personal representatives being citizens or subjects of the other versvnnl property- contracting party, shall succeed to their said personal property, whether by testament or ab intestuto. They may take possession thereof either by themselves or by others ncl ing for them, at their will, and dispose of the same, paying suvh duty only as the inhabitants of the country wherein the said personal property is situate shall be subject to pay in like cases. Pwpgrty of ¤l>- I n case of the absence of the personal representatives, the same CMB °°.“" l'°“`“· shall be taken of the said property as would be mkeu of the properhy of