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HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, 1849. 407 and in like manner, all goods which can legallv be exported or re—exported from either country to the other, in ships of that other country, shall, when so exported or reexported, be subject to the same duties, and he entitled to the same privileges, drawbacks, bounties, and allowances, whether exported in ships of the one country or in ships of the other; and all goods and articles, of whatever description, not being Im rm, in of the produce or manufacture of the United States, which can be legally vgsgggg fm tim imported into the Sandwich Islands, shall, when so imported in vessels United States. of the United States, pay no other or higher duties, imposts, or charges, than shall be payable upon the like goods and articles when imported in the vessels of the most favored foreign nation, other than the nation. of which the said goods and articles are the produce or manufacture. Anricnn IV. No duties 'of tonnage, harbor, light-houses, pilotage, quarantine, or Tonnage-duties. other similar duties, of whatever nature or under whatever denomination, shall be imposed in either country upon the vessels of the other in respect of voyages between the United States of America and the Hawaiian Islands, if laden, or in respect of any voyage if in ballast, which shall not be equally imposed in the likecases on national vessels. Am·1oL1=: V. It is hereby declared that the stipulations of the present treaty are Coasting-moe. not to be understood as applying to the navigation and carrying trade between one port and another situated in the States of either contracting party, such navigation and trade being reserved exclusively to national vessels. A1z·r1oLn VI. Steam-vessels of the United States which may be employed by the Steam-v¤9¤¤1¤ Government of the said States in the carrying of their public mails across °*“"Y'“K “““1“· the Pacific Ocean, or from one port in that ocean to another, shall have free access to the ports of the Sandwich Islands, with the privilege of stopping therein to retit, to refresh, to land passengers and their baggage, and for the transaction of any business pertaining to the public mail service of the United States, and shall be subject in such ports to no duties of tonnage, harbor, lighthouses, quarantine, or other similar duties, of whatever nature or under whatever denomination. Anrrcnn VII. The whale-ships of the United States shall have access to the ports Wh¤l¤·¤hiP¤· of Hilo, Kealakekua. and Hanalei, in the Sandwich Islands, for the purposes of reiitment and refreshment, as well as to the ports of Honolulu and Lahaina, which only are ports of entry for all merchant vessels; and in all the above-named ports they shall be permitted to trade or barter their supplies or goods, excepting spirituous liquors, to the amount of two hundred dollars ad valorem for each vessel, without paying any charge for tonnage or harbor dues of any description, or any duties or imposts whatever upon the goods or articles so traded or bartered. They shall also be permitted, with the like exemption from all charges for tonnage and harbor dues, further to trade or barter, with the same exception as to spirituous liquors, to the additional amount of one thousand dollars ad valorem for each. vessel, paying upon the additional goods and articles so traded and- bartered no other or higher duties than are payable on like goods and articles when imported in the vessels and by the citizens or subjects of the most favored foreign nation. They shall also be permitted to pass from port to port of the Sandwich Islands for the purpose of procuring refreshments, but they shall not discharge their seamen or land their passengers in the said islands, except at Lahaina and Honolulu; and in all the ports