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ITALY, 1868. 435 it by the exhibition of the register of the vessel and list of the crew, or by other ouiicial documents, to show that the persons claimed belonged to the said crew. Upon such request alone, thus supported, and without the exaction of any oath from the consular oiizicers, the deserters, not being citizens or subjects of the country where the demand is made at the time of their shipping, shall be given up. All the necessary aid and protection shall be furnished for the search, pursuit, seizure, and arrest of the deserters, who shall even be put and kept in the prisons of the country, at the request and expense of the consular officers until there may be an opportunity for sending them away. If, however, such an opportunity should not present itself within the space of three months, counting from the day of the arrest, the deserter shall be set at liberty, nor shall he be again arrested for the same cause. Asrrcnn XIV. In the absence of an agreement to the contrary between the owners, D¤¤¤¤8¤¤¤¤*T°¤`°d freighters, and insurers, all damages sudered at sea by the vessels of the “l’ “°“· two countries, whether they enter port voluntarily or are forced by stress of weather, shall be settled by the Consuls-General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, and Consular Agents of the respective countries where they reside. If, however, any inhabitant of the country, or citizen, or subject of a third Power shall be interested in the matter, and the parties cannot agree, the competent local authorities shall decide. Anrmnn XV. All proceedings relative to the salvage of American vessels wrecked Salvageupon the coasts of Italy, and of Italian vessels wrecked upon the coasts of the United States, shall be directed by the Consuls-General, Consuls, and Vice-Consuls of the two countries respectively, and, until their arrival, by the respective Consular Agents, whenever an agency exists. In the places and ports where an agency does not exist, the ·local authorities, until the arrival of the Consul in whose district the wreck may have occurred, and who shall immediately be informed of the occurrence, shall take all necessary measures for the protection of persons and the preservation of property. The local authorities shall not otherwise interfere than for the maintenance of order, the protection of the interests of the salvors, if they do not belong to the crews that have been wrecked, and to carry into etiect the arrangements made for the entry and exportation of the merchandise saved. It is understood that such merchandise is not to be subjected to any custom-house charges, unless it be intended for consumption in the country where the wreck may have taken place. Aarrcnn XVI. In case of the death of a citizen of the United States in Italy, or of an _ R¢¤id¢>¤t¤ <l¥i¤g Italian subject in the United States, without having any known heirs or ‘“°°"“°°• testamentary executor by him appointed, the competent local authorities shall inform the Consuls or Consular Agents of the nation to which the deceased belongs, of the circumstance, in order that the necessary information may be immediately forwarded to parties interested. Anricnn XVII. The present convention shall remain in force for the space of ten (10) v£;;‘;"‘°" °f °°“‘ years, counting from the day of the exchange of the ratifications, which ` shall be made in conformity with the respective constitutions of the two _ _ countries, and exchanged at Washington, within the period of six (6) mgj: “‘l€]'t'°"“l . . , p. 4.38.] months, or sooner if possible.